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How to use Twitter without having to log in

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Probably many people today think or feel that Twitter it is not the same as it was known from the beginning. And it is that if any reader of TechMarkup does not agree with the decisions of Elon Muskit is good to know that you can continue using the social network no restrictions.


And it is that if it is used Twitter without login, a warning screen will block the app after 3 or 4 tweets have been seen. Below will be shown a extension for Google Chrome Y Firefox that allows you to browse Twitter without restrictions and anonymously.

Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter wreaked havoc on the social network. Elon Musk scares users, advertisers and personalities with his mindless decisions, like verifying an account without really any verification, just with a subscription to Twitter Blue or your decision to charge for everything or practically try to turn the platform into a bank.


The problem is that quitting Twitter is difficult because there are no such universal options. Mastodon just getting started. As with most social networks, browsing them without logging in is almost impossible. In the case of Twitter, and as a reminder, it allows you to visit 3 or tweets, but then a login window appears, blocking access and preventing further exploration of the social network.

So you can use Twitter without logging in


Fortunately, and at least for now, it is possible to freely browse Twitter without identifying yourself. It is a browser extension called Breakthrough Twitter Login Wallcreated by a user named MaySoMusician and available for Chrome or Firefox.

It is only necessary to install it in Google Chrome or Firefox, depending on the browser one uses. When you go to Twitter, you can view as many tweets as you like or search without blocking the login window:

Extension called Breakthrough Twitter Login Wall. (photo: Composition/Jose Arana/Google Chrome)
Extension called Breakthrough Twitter Login Wall. (photo: Composition/Jose Arana/Google Chrome)

From TechMarkup it has been tested in Chrome and it works correctly. The user can move around Twitter without interruptions. Only one will be constantly seen blue bar at the bottom to remind that the user can log in or sign up, but it does not limit at all.

It makes sense that if you don’t log in, you won’t be able to access the accounts you follow and you won’t be able to reply, tweet, or send messages. But you can be free to move around Twitter and read as many tweets as you like.

It is not yet known (or himself) what the twitter of Elon Musk. But it is clear that it is significantly different than now. If whoever has read this article does not accept all the changes that the social network will have, this extension for Google Chrome and Firefox allows users to use Twitter without logging in.

How to request all the information of a personal account on Twitter

– Click on the button More options in the navigation bar located on the left of the browser screen. In the case of mobile devicesto see this menu users must slide their finger from left to right on the screen.

– Click on the option Settings and privacy and then select the section Bill.

Twitter allows users to request their account information, which will be delivered to users within 24 hours via email. (Capture)
Twitter allows users to request their account information, which will be delivered to users within 24 hours via email. (Capture)

– In the options within Billthe user must search for the one that corresponds to Download a file with your data.

– Both in the mobile version and in the deskusers must verify their identity by typing their password.

Twitter will take a maximum period of 24 hours to email the downloadable file of account information. In addition, a notification will be issued within the app so the user can remember to check their inbox.

The download will include a file called ‘Your file’ that will allow you to view the data in a desktop web browser.

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