How to use the satellite connection for emergency on the iPhone 14

How to use the satellite connection for emergency on the iPhone 14
The emergency satellite connection will only be possible in case of lack of wi-fi connection or absence of telephone service. (Manzana)

The satellite connectivityone of the most important functions of the new iphone and also one of the most important of Apple in recent years, is now available on users of this smartphone in the United States and Canada for iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max.

In addition, the so-called SOS Emergency function via satellite will soon reach some European countries.

Specifically, iPhone 14 owners in the US or Canada can start using this feature starting today. It will be available in Europe next December and only in a few countries. These would be Great Britain, Germany, France and Ireland.

It must be remembered, of course, that the satellite connection of the iPhone 14 allows communication via satellite with emergency services in situations where there is no mobile phone coverage due to location or other reasons.

It is also a function that binds the software and the hardware of Manzana, as the feature also offers the ability to instantly send medical data that anyone can enter on their iPhone to facilitate treatment by emergency services. Emergency response centers, on the other hand, do not require any “additional software or protocols” to receive communications.

How the satellite connection works on an iPhone 14

What is important to clarify is that the user must follow a series of steps to establish a satellite connection on the iPhone 14 and therefore contact the emergency services. It should be noted that the function is activated only when no connection Wifi or coverage on the iPhone.

However, for this to work, it is first necessary to call the emergency number of the respective country (for example, 911 in the United States).

Satellite connection of the iPhone 14. (photo: Apple)
Satellite connection of the iPhone 14. (photo: Apple)

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If the iPhone 14 does not have coverage, the screen shows the option to activate the SOS emergency function via satellite. The user then has to fill out a questionnaire and follow the on-screen instructions to connect to the nearest satellite.

Once connected, the iPhone sends a message to emergency services with medical information and relevant information such as location. It is also possible to share the location via satellite so that emergency services can more easily locate a person.

This is not the only security feature of the iPhone 14. Apple also has accident detectionwith sensors and components that allow iPhone to recognize a collision and automatically call emergency services.

iPhone 14: three applications to use the new dynamic island

In the app store There are several applications that are compatible with this system with information such as warnings, notifications, sports results, weather forecasts, among others, and here are 10 that stand out.

-Smart Gym

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This tool is used by several applications, although only for the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max.
This tool is used by several applications, although only for the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max.

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– Aviary

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It is an application focused on cooking recipes. It allows you to organize the ingredients to be used and from the Dynamic Island you can see them without changing platforms, as well as information on the preparation or cooking time, which are key when preparing dishes.

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