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How to use the new Medications feature on an iPhone running iOS 16

Medicines in iOS 16. (photo: BR Atsit)

With the arrival of Apple’s new operating system, iOS 16one of the new functions to which users of the iPhone It is Medicines.

This feature is designed to keep people who follow some kind of treatment aware of the schedules and the doses they must take in order to recover. In addition, you can store this information inside the device, be it iPhone or Apple Watchso that a health professional can access it if needed.


To access this feature, users must:

– Enter the Health application.


– Click on the Browse tab, located in the lower right corner of the device screen.

– Click on the Medications option and then on Add Medications.

Medications in iOS 16. (Photo: iPhone/Jose Arana)
Medications in iOS 16. (Photo: iPhone/Jose Arana)

– This option will take the user to a screen with the camera activated in which the medicine can be scanned, although this will only be available for the United States. In the case of the rest of the users, they will be able to write the name of the medicine manually.

– The user must follow the instructions of the app to be able to enter the data on the quantity of the dosehow many should be taken per day and at what times.

Once these steps are done, users will be able to have reminders every time it is time to take a dose of medicine. They will also have the possibility to add new ones in case complementary treatment is needed.

The eSIM arrives at the new iPhone 14

One of the most outstanding characteristics of the new models of the smartphone of Apple is the absence of the SIM cardwhich allows users to purchase data plans and phone numbers from phone companies.

Set up eSIM on an iPhone running iOS 16 (Apple)
Set up eSIM on an iPhone running iOS 16 (Apple)

In the iPhone 14, the technology company decided to incorporate the technology eSIM for your new devices. This has the same functions as a SIM card, but it has the peculiarity of being only virtual. Both the contracting of data plans and the acquisition of phone number It will be through a digital system.

During the presentation of this feature at the Far Out event in Manzanathe company indicated that this will allow users to have two data plans and two numbers telephone on the same device and that they could even contract the services of more than one telephone company at the same time.

iOS crashes with third-party apps

During the last week a group of users of the iPhonePro and Pro Max reported through videos on social networks that their devices presented an error in their cameras when using social network applications such as TikTok Y Snapchat. Some even report that their cameras emit a buzzing sound.

iPhone 14 Pro Max – Video From Content Creator Luke Milani About Device Camera Error

According to the 9to5mac website, it is highly likely that this problem with Apple smartphones is occurring because the Applications of the social networks that have been affected “were not prepared for the changes in the camera of the iPhone 14″.

For its part, Apple is developing updates to its operating system. These higher versions could solve this error in the cameras of the devices Pro and ProMaxso people who have purchased these models from the iPhone 14 You’ll need to keep an eye out for when these enhancements are released to the public.


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