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How to use Instagram hashtags to support social movements and causes

Internet users are increasingly aware of what is happening in the world, since it is now easier to find out and know what is happening in other countries. For more than a month, the community has been very active on the events recorded in the conflict between Ukraine and Russia, So through the social media have expressed their position on this issue.


One of the most used platforms to be able to send messages of support in this situation is Instagramthat actually is testing a new feature to make it easier for internet users to discover and support social causes directly through hashtags.

How would the new Instagram tool work?


With this new tool, people will be able to select the section ‘Support’ for more information on a particular social movement.

Also, there will be a button called ‘Spread the word’, that will allow sharing the hashtag page with the followers of the platform and contacts through Direct Messages on Instagram.


Additionally, to help raise awareness within the application, there will be an option called ‘Create a fundraiser’, which, as its name explains, can be used to raise funds on behalf of a social cause

Meanwhile, the company announced that it has launched a new feature to curate hashtags that focus on popular movements on Instagram, including #BlackLivesMatter, #womensrights and #climatecrisis.

Similarly, Instagram says it’s working with a number of organizations, including NAACP, GLAAD, AAJC, Hispanic Heritage Foundation and Illuminative, to select a initial list of hashtags.


So far, this new feature is still in beta, as it is being tested anonymously in various places, to measure the impact it could have among users.

The trick to creating quick responses on a professional Instagram account

It’s been a long time, Goal added the ability to convert an account into business (or professional) mode for profit, having the ability to create personalized responses so you can respond to customers much faster.

These quick replies act as shortcuts for the user to respond to other people’s messages faster and easier. What’s more, I know you can set your own keyboard shortcuts when replying to messages.

For example, instead of having to enter a frequently used phrase, a shortcut can be set up so that when pressed, the phrase automatically appears on the screen. With this, the professional account owner will be able to answer the most common questions in less time.

The process is very simple, so it will take a few minutes to create your own personalized response on Instagram. These are the steps to follow:

1 First, open Instagram.

2. Now click on the Messages icon located in the upper right.

3. Login to any chat.

4. Unlike a normal account, when you open a conversation with an Instagram business account, you can see an icon ‘+’. Click on this icon.

5. Select the icon Fast answer (looks like a bubble with three dots).

6. Now press “+” for add a quick reply.

7. The owner of a professional account you can now create a quick reply.

8. Finally, click on Keep.

As you can see, the process is very easy and It will be of great help to respond to clients on Instagram faster. Lastly, this function you do not have any type of limitation when creating quick answers, you just have to repeat the whole process to add the answers that you think are relevant.

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