How To Use Fortnite Stores Like A Pro In Chapter 3

Chapter 3 of Fortnite has brought a multitude of changes to the game and players have already started exploring the new map that is packed with fresh mechanics with a dose of Chapter 1 nostalgia.
 From custom first-person weapons to sliding mechanics and tents, Chapter 3 of Fortnite has opened up new possibilities. Loot Shops, as first seen in the overview trailer, can now be found in-game and can be very useful for players in squads, duos, or trios.


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 Fortnite StoresThe loot shops in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1 come with two very useful features: They allow players on a team to huddle inside to heal themselves, and they serve as cover to revive their teammates. Another equally important use is storage during games. Players can hide any items that can be kept in these Fortnite Stores and retrieve them later.

FORTNITE | Guide to using the stores

  • Players must have the tent equipped in inventory to set it up in the game.
  • Once armed, you can open the shop anywhere on the map to heal or save items in it.
  • Stored items can be used in current or future games. The marquee can also be locked to prevent other players from accessing your stored items.
  • The type of items that players can save in the store will depend on the mode in which they are playing. If an item is not allowed in a certain mode, players will not be able to retrieve that item from the store. However, they can replace it with a permitted item.
  • There are three spaces available in a tent, but only two are free. The third must be purchased with gold bars.


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