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How to use creative mode on LinkedIn to stand out when looking for a job

Having a good cover letter is vital when looking for a job. The social media specialized in matching workers with potential employers, such as LinkedInThey have different tools. to highlight the best of each candidate.


An interesting option available on that platform is creator mode, a setting that displays user content more prominently.

The main benefits offered by this mode are the following:


1. Increase followers: 50% of members’ followers come from profile views. With the creator mode, the “Follow” option is highlighted, which helps to increase the audience.

2. Feature content: When activating the creator mode, the original posts that the user makes are highlighted and are highlighted in the center. Posts are given more visibility than other data such as work experience.


This helps the user establish their voice and their followers can better understand their vision, interests or knowledge on different topics. In addition, it is possible to add hashtags to the profile introduction so that potential followers can easily see what topics the user usually posts about.

3. Being discovered: the creator mode enhances the profile and gives them more visibility, with which they have more chances of being discovered by other members.

“Activating the creator mode lets people know that your profile is a source of inspiring content, which helps you gain followers,” highlights the article published by LinkedIn where it offers details about this tool that was launched last year. last.


How to activate creator mode

1. Enter the profile control panel. For that you have to click on the logo with the photo and username.

2. Inside the panel, you have to slide to where it says Resources and there you will see “Creator mode”. The lever is activated and you will see that it says “on”.

3. The user is then redirected to a new page where you can add up to five hashtags that will be linked to your profile and that serve to attract more audience.

What tools can be used by users who activate the creator mode

After enabling this option in creator mode, it is convenient to generate interesting and diverse content. But this is not all, it is important to be constant, that is, to produce material frequently.

The user can make posts with text, photos or videos. Besides, it is possible to use the tool incorporated into this platform to generate newsletters. This ensures regular contact with your community.

Another interesting point is the option to generate events and make live broadcasts from the site. They are all tools to produce content that offers a differential in the profile. At the same time, suggestions are offered in relation to how to use these different alternatives of the creator mode in the publication that LinkedIn has created for this purpose.

Besides, creators have tools to see how many views their posts are getting and learn how your audience is made up with demographics and other options. These are all data that point to the user being able to optimize their material in order to achieve greater interaction and visualizations.

Other useful information to get the most out of LinkedIn:

1. Keep the profile updated and complete. This means that all work experience to date must be included, in addition to the courses taken and any other data that could mean a differential.

2. Activate the job alert. Within the notifications section, make sure you have notifications enabled and manage them according to the type of notice you want to receive.

3. Make it clear that you are seeking employment. Within the profile control panel, activate the option that says “Open to work”, or “available to work” so that it is clear that you are open to receiving job opportunities. It is possible to configure this option so that it is only visible by recruiters and not by everyone.

4. Participate in groups. If you are looking for a job, it can be very useful to join different groups of professionals grouped according to expertise or knowledge, because they publish job offers that may be of interest.


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