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How to use an old cell phone or tablet as a mini monitor

If there is one tablets either cell phone old one kept in a drawer because it still works well enough to throw it away but your system is no longer up to today’s demands, you can give it a second chance using it as a small monitor Windows.


To use it as a monitor of the computer’s system values, showing the available space in RAM, you have to make a few small adjustments and install the Pitikapp application and configure it.

The tablet or mobile phone must be connected to the same network Wifi to be able to synchronize. It should be noted that in addition to having installed the app on the mobile device, the corresponding program must be downloaded to the computer, that is, the Pikitapp software must be downloaded to the PC.


In addition to this, it is recommended to download MSI Afterburner to have access to other plugins and to be able to modernize various aspects of the system. After having installed all the programs it is necessary run the application on Windows and then open the app on the mobile. The two must be connected to the same network so that the PC can find the device automatically.

At first you will not be able to see anything on the screen of the mobile device, it is normal, since you have to add widgets from the windows app. To do so, click on the button placed at the top left in the form of a plus (+).


This is when MSI Afterburner will come in handy as it will give you the opportunity to add more options like show temperature, GPU usage, Frame Rate, in other aspects. Unavailable options will appear with an exclamation point, however there will be information attached there on how to activate them by installing other applications.

It is also possible change the color of the gaugess, give them names, select the position to personalize the screen of the mobile phone or tablet. Information will immediately begin to display on the small monitor.

In case you want to change the positions or sizes of the widgets, just press them for a few seconds from the mobile device screen. You can also double tap to display additional settings.


For example, you can touch the gear icon to see the settings, among which is to select a dark or light theme, change the wallpaper to a solid color or an image. To change the appearance of each widget it will be necessary to access the desktop app.

Have all that information in view while you are working on the PC or playing video game It can be useful to know details of the systemor, it can serve as a simple complement and decoration to the desktop.

How to check the information of installed applications in Windows

To perform all the steps, you need to the user uses the browser preferred internet (works perfectly both in Chrome like in Edgeto give examples).

Now yes, then the step by step:

1. Visit the Microsoft Account Control website using this link. Provide your personal login information as usual.

2. Now click on the option Privacy on the top blue ribbon. After that, a new screen will appear where you can see all the information related to this section of the account.

3. Scroll down until you find a box called Applications and services. Click on it to access the information you want to know.

4. A new tab will open where a list of applications is visible and clicking on the option Details in each application, you will be able to see if you have access to your personal data. If the answer is yes, actions can be taken, such as stopping using the application or using the button remove permissions.

Now, it is only necessary to carry out these steps for each app that has doubts, and that’s it. That’s it.

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