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How to unlink Facebook from Instagram and vice versa

Since Meta bought Instagramit is possible to link it with Facebookso automatically the platform asks the user if they want the publications to appear in both. This option could be wonderful at first, however, it may not be so in the future.


It’s normal for users to change their tastes or open new accounts as they get older, so maybe the Facebook that is used to have the aunt and the co-worker as a friend does not fit with the Instagram full of selfies at parties or rockstar poses.

To prevent publications from slipping from one place to another, you can unlink accounts of both social networks following some steps that are explained below.

How to do it from Facebook


– Open the Facebook application and press the gear icon represented by three horizontal lines located in the upper right corner of the screen.

– Then select the gear icon located at the top to access the options menu.


– Scroll down until you find the option “permissions” which must be selected.

– There you must press the option “Applications and websites” and then “Instagram”.

– Then press “delete”.


After these steps have been followed, the platform will ask you to select the desired options and press “delete” again. that way Both accounts will be unlinked.

How to do it from Instagram

– Open the application and access the account settings that are found by pressing the three horizontal lines located on the profile page in the upper right corner.

– Then you must choose the gear icon to enter the options.

– There you must select “account” and then click on “share in other apps”.

– The Facebook account with which it is linked will be displayed there. Here you can take advantage of in case you also want to unlink from Twitter, Tumblr, Ameba and

– The Facebook account shown must be selected. Later, deactivate the “automatically share” boxes for Instagram stories and posts.

It should be noted that both networks belonging to Meta they can’t be completely unlinked, so you can’t remove Facebook’s relationship with that Instagram account and you can only uncheck both “share” boxes.

This is how you can avoid appearing online on Instagram and Facebook Messenger

The contacts can see when the app was last accessed via internal messages, and this is how you can disable it:

1. Open the profile (the icon of a person in the bottom bar) and click on the three lines that appear in the upper right corner.

2. Select “Settings” in the menu that appears.

3. Scroll down and find the “Activity Status” option.

4. Deactivate and voila, no one else will know when Instagram is open.

Facebook also allows you to chat invisibly with your courier service. The first access to the configuration menu is very unintuitive since there is no such menu, but everything is integrated into the interface that they use to manage the account.

The steps are:

1. Click on the thumbnail of the personal avatar, as you can see in the image.

2. Access “Status”.

3. In this section, disable the tab.

By performing these steps, users will stop seeing their contacts if they are active in Messenger, but the contacts will be visible as well. Of course, you can know if they have read the messages or not.


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