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How to turn off voicemail on an iPhone and Android

Deactivate voicemail. (photo: Notigram)

Many people no longer use the voicemail, a tool that all users have with a cell phone that allows any person who calls another by phone to leave a voicemail in case you can’t answer it.


In this way, all those messages that they leave accumulate in the voice mailbox, a place where you can go to listen to each and every one of those voice messages that have been left by those people who have wanted to contact you by phone and cannot they have been able Do you want to disable this function? This note will tell you how to do it.

Definitely any TechMarkup reader would recognize the warning: “If you wish, leave your message in the voice mailbox”, an audio that is played when a person has called one of your contacts and the latter does not answer, or your smartphone is turned off.


If the recipient receives this, he will see the recorder icon in the notifications and he will know that he has new voice messages, so he will continue dialing the code, for example: in movistar it is “*169″; here the operator will say “You have a (2,3,4, etc.) new message”, including the time and date.

But anyway, as mentioned at the beginning of the first paragraph, the use of voice mail has decayedmainly because for some time most people have been communicating through the instant messaging. Even when someone calls another person and they don’t pick up the phone, they don’t usually leave a voice message in the mailbox, but write a message through WhatsApp, Telegram, iMessage wave favorite messaging app.


Therefore, many people find it a bit annoying to receive voice messages in the inbox, luckily a way to turn it off in the event of iPhoneand two ways to turn it off in the case of Android. No need to download any external software, just have a good coverage or signal in the area.

How to turn off voicemail on iPhone

1. Open the app Telephone.

2. Click on Keyboard.

3. Write #004# and click on To call.

4. A message will appear to confirm deactivation of voicemail.

5. Finish the operation by clicking To close.

Disable voicemail on an iPhone. (photo: iPhone/Composition/Jose Arana)
Disable voicemail on an iPhone. (photo: iPhone/Composition/Jose Arana)

How to disable voicemail on Android

1. Open the application of the Telephone which is installed by default.

2. Now enter the following MMI code: ##002#.

3. Automatically, the voice mail will be deactivated.

Voicemail on Android. (photo: Android Chief)
Voicemail on Android. (photo: Android Chief)

4. Otherwise, the following message may appear: “Call forwarding. All for all basic servers. Connection problem or incorrect MMI code”, it means that the operator does not have it enabled.

5. To deactivate it, you simply have to contact the operator that provides telephone services.

6. If the code is compatible, it could also serve the following MMIs:

– **62*242# Off or out of coverage (deactivated with ##62#)

– **61*242# When there is no answer (it is deactivated with ##61#).

– **67*242# When busy (deactivates with ##67#).

– **21*242# Divert all to mailbox (deactivated with ##21#).

Disable voicemail on Android. (photo: Androidphoria)
Disable voicemail on Android. (photo: Androidphoria)

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