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How to translate notices and texts into any language using the cell phone camera

Language helps people communicate and learn new cultures. But when you don’t share the same language with others, communication can become difficult. What to do when you can’t understand what other people are saying?


The Google translator (google translate) has the solution. A tool made to translate words and phrases from the browser and also a pocket assistant for translate phrases, posters and everything that can be found in writing.

Google translate is available for download in a iPhone or Android. Its official app goes beyond web functions. From the web, you can translate text and documents, detect languages, reproduce text by voice and more. From a smartphone, you can do more.


Next, TechMarkup brings a special guide for travelers on how signs and notices can be translated using the camera of the cell phone, and an additional trick to make conversations with the application from Google.

How to translate a text into Spanish or another foreign language with the cell phone


This Google Translate feature is one of the best examples of what Google Translate is for. augmented reality. With this feature, users can translate books, signs or billboards using the Android phone or iPhone camera in real time.

And if a person wants to know the price of a dish or to know directly what it contains, to know the train schedules or simply to be able to find a place with signs in a language very different from one’s own, Google Translate will translate typed or handwritten texts.

In the application, you have to make a combination of languages. For example, I want to translate from French to Spanish. Or just set Detect language in the source language. Then click on the camera icon.


here can be done three things:

Translate in real time (or as Google calls it Snapshot): You have to point your phone camera at a billboard or sign, and then you can watch the letters change in the language you chose first.

Scan: it is only used to translate a piece of text. You have to select it with your finger.

To import: is used to translate the content of the photo that is currently being taken, or has been taken in the past.

That would be all. The screen of the Android or iPhone will show the translation in real time.

How to make conversations with Google Translate

It’s great for translating words and sentences that are typed into Google Translate. But in a conversation, time is short and you have to listen quickly, refer, understand, think about what to answer, consult and reproduce. All this in seconds.

An interpreter takes care of things, since he acts as a mediator between two interlocutors in a conversation. Google Translate can act as an interpreter. If the Google Translate app opens, you have to the languages ​​you want to translate in a conversation, and then you have to tap on Conversation.

In the conversation window, you will see two spaces: yours and the other person’s. You can click on the central icon to automatically translate both languages.

can also be touched each microphone manually to translate what is spoken in this language or another language. After translating what is said in a language, clicking on the speaker icon will play the translation out loud.

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