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How to transfer music from Spotify to Apple Music and vice versa

Spotify and Apple Music. (photo:

If you are thinking of changing the music service current for a new one, but you don’t want to lose all the information, TechMarkup has the perfect solution. Canceling rates on one platform and contracting a plan on another is a relatively easy task.

Nevertheless, the complication is to pass all the songs, albums or playlists of Spotify a AppleMusic (or vice versa), two of the most popular services.

No company offers this option by default, and doing the process manually is really tedious. For it, There are several methods to send playlists and other content from one place to another.

One of the most effective ways is use Applications of third parties. Notably, these apps require access to both accounts (and other similar platforms) and are responsible for detecting playlists from the current service in order to send them to the new playlist.

If you have a iPhoneor a smartphone with Android operating system, and it is planned to transfer playlists from Spotify to Apple Music (or vice versa), SongShift and Soundiiz are the best options, respectively.

These applications are available from free form on the app store Y Google Play Storeand they are very simple to use. These are the steps to follow.

SongShift, the application to transfer music between music streaming platforms on iPhone

First, you have to make sure have access to both streaming platforms. No subscription is needed to work on both. But if there is no Apple Music account, for example, one will have to be created before starting the process.

Once you have accounts in both services, you need to download and install the SongShift app on the iPhone. It can be searched in the app store as ‘SongShift’ or click this link which will take the user directly to the Apple app store.

SongShift on iPhone.  (photo: App Store)
SongShift on iPhone. (photo: App Store)

When you open the app, a welcome tab will appear with all the supported services. As in this case, you want to transfer playlists from Spotify to Apple Music, you have to choose the Apple service and then you have to log in to the platform with the usual account or confirm access to the application.

Then you have to do the same with Spotify. There is no need to worry about the order in which the accounts of the two services are entered, since the source and destination of the song are set in the following steps.

When both accounts appear in the section connected services, you have to click on Continue and then in Start.

SongShift on iPhone.  (photo:
SongShift on iPhone. (photo:

How to transfer songs from one service to another on iPhone with SongShift

SongShift displays a new page called ‘My Shifts’. It will be blank because no process has been started to transfer the playlist from Spotify to Apple Music or vice versa. To create an account, simply click the ‘+’ icon that appears at the top of the screen.

Then select theto source platform. It is where playlists, songs or albums are stored.

Clicking ‘Set source’ you can choose the type of content you want to transfer and from which application. Then click ‘Continue’ and select the playlist you want to transfer.

You can also choose the option ‘Add multiple’ either ‘Merge multiple’, if you want to combine different playlists into one, but these options are exclusive to premium members.

SongShift on iPhone.  (photo: App Store)
SongShift on iPhone. (photo: App Store)

Once you have selected the playlist you want to transfer, click on the button ‘Done’ that appears at the top. Automatically, the destination will be filled with the remaining service.

You can choose to create a new playlist with the same name, add it to an existing playlist or simply move the songs from this playlist to the library.

Once you have chosen the option that best suits your needs, click ‘I finished’. The app will start the transfer.

Once completed, SongShift will display a summary of successfully paired songs. If everything is ok, just click ‘Confirm match’ and a new list will appear on the target platform that was selected.

SongShift on iPhone.  (photo: iOSMac)
SongShift on iPhone. (photo: iOSMac)

How to transfer songs from one service to another on Android with SongShift

On Android, an alternative to SongShift to transfer playlists from Spotify to Apple Music or vice versa is the app Soundiiz. It works very similar to the iPhone app.

It has to synchronize the accounts of the different services and, in this case, select the source platform, where you have the playlist, through the side menu.

SongShift on Android.  (photo: Google Play Store)
SongShift on Android. (photo: Google Play Store)

For example, if Apple Music is played, you can choose whether you want to access playlists, albums, songs, or artists that you have in your library.

When one of these options is selected, you will see a list of all available titles. Select the ones you want to convert and click the button ‘Convert’.

Next, select the playlist title and description, confirm the songs you want to transfer, and select the destination platform. The app will start transferring the content and it will immediately appear in the platform account that has been selected as the destination.

Soundiz for Android.  (photo: Soundiiz)
Soundiz for Android. (photo: Soundiiz)

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