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How to take the first step in the metaverse as a content creator

The metaverse is a digital bet in which many companies are participating, since they predict that will revolutionize the Internet as it is currently known. Although it is still under construction, it is already possible to start interacting with it, as well as buying virtual land, among other things, so it is essential not to be left behind, especially if you are a content creator.


Goal is one of the main companies that is investing money and time in the most ambitious project of the future. As expected, for your efforts to be worthwhile it is necessary that users prefer and use your metaverse, so he gave the following tips for taking the first steps in this digital world.

To cast a mark in the metaverse, you need to use Augmented Reality (AR) tools. There is no need to be scared of AR, since it is not something as complicated or difficult as you might hear.


It will be essential to use AR effects and experiences. The necessary tools are here for free; are part of Spark AR Studioand there are several step-by-step tutorials to get you started.

After having mastered the basics, other things can be experienced, since similar to art, AR has no limits. As in photography and video, lighting plays an important role in creating effects.


To learn more about this, check out this link, where an AR expert from Meta teaches how to adjust and manipulate light in creative projects to make them more interactive with your audience.

Finally, once an effect is finished creating, it can be shared with clients or followers on Facebook, Instagram and Messenger. In case you have doubts about what steps to follow when publishing on Spark AR Hub, you can visit this tutorial, where the Meta expert explains step by step how to do things.

Monetize in the metaverse

Horizon Worlds Y Goal they are testing new features to monetize in the metaverse. That way, users will be able to cbuy and sell digital goods, services, experiences and more within the metaverse.


It should be remembered that Horizon Worlds is the metaverse of Meta, the matrix of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. It is currently available in United States and Canadato be able to access this virtual world it is necessary to have a virtual reality viewer (VR) Oculus Quest.

As anticipated, users must create an avatar to access the metaverse. In this digital space, people can meet their friends to attend concerts, go to exhibitions and more. The bet is that in the future the metaverse will be a space where people have a second life.

Meta hopes that the new features will help users achieve a new level of creativity and provide them with new monetization opportunities. “They will have more freedom to find a new business model that works for them.”

With these new tools, Meta makes available to people over the age of 18 who live in Canada and the United States, more options to earn a living in the digital world. “Creators who sell items will see a Trade tab and a gadget when in Create mode that allows them to create items that can be bought.”

In addition to having integrated purchases, Meta is starting to test a bonus program for the creators of Horizon Worlds that will be available in the United States. These will be released in the form of goal-oriented monthly programs that will be paid at the end of the month.


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