How to take care of laptop battery

How to take care of laptop battery
  Tips for caring for your laptop battery (Getty)
Tips for caring for your laptop battery (Getty)

The main characteristic of portable computers since the beginning of their manufacture in 1978, has been that they can be used without the need to keep them plugged in, which has made them very popular in the market in recent decades due to their advantages. for transportation and for work and study spaces.

Due to the above, it could be said that the most important element of a laptop compared to a desktop computer is its battery, since this is what provides its portability and practicality, but also, it is the part that suffers the most and is degrades in this type of equipment.

It is not uncommon to hear that an acquaintance or family member has had to take their laptop to a technician due to charging failures, or that they directly had to change the battery shortly after purchasing the computer.

This is why TechMarkup has compiled some tips to extend the useful life of the battery of notebooks:

1. Prevent the computer from downloading completely

It turns out that just like cell phone batteries, letting your computer turn off because it has completely depleted power, as well as charging it to 100%, quickly reduces the life of your battery, compromising other parts of the laptop. when it is integrated and cannot be removed.

It is recommended to charge the laptop at 20% and unplug it at 80%. Allowing the charge level to drop to 0% could result in a deep discharge state causing the device to not turn back on.

2. Do not remove the battery to never use it

Some people remove the battery from their computer thinking that this way they will extend its life by not using it if it is not necessary, however, this can affect not only the power-related parts of the computer but also other elements of the hardware.

At this point, the advice is to use the computer as if it were a cell phone, unplugging it if it has already reached 80% charge and reconnecting it when it has dropped to a minimum of 20%.

3. Use cooling bases

It is well known that batteries and heat are not very compatible, Due to their size and compactness, laptop computers do not usually have cooling systems, which means that after intensive use such as playing or teleworking for long hours, the equipment overheats, putting the charging systems and other functions at risk. parts like your processors.

Therefore, it is very useful to use cooling bases, which are those devices that incorporate fans to cool the bottom of the computer, in addition, some have other features such as improving the position of the user’s hands.

4. Do not disconnect the computer from time to time while charging

It was previously mentioned that modern laptops have charging and battery systems very similar to smartphones, so many of the cares to extend battery life apply to both devices.

Unplugging computers from time to time while they are charging degrades their battery very quickly, making you have to buy a new one within a few months of buying the computer. It is best to unplug the laptop once it has charged up to 80% on average.

5. Remove the battery if you are going to play

When video games are opened on the computer, especially those with hyper-realistic images like “Fallout”, the amount of energy that will be used will be higher than normal, due to the great effort that the graphics cards and processors make.

Therefore, only in these cases, if it is advisable to remove the battery from the computer to use only the electrical energy through the cable.