How to share someone’s Instagram story?

share someone's Instagram story

Instagram is one of the most popular social networks. It is mainly used to share your own content, and a huge group of recipients, to whom our photos will go, can comment and share them.

In 2016, stories were added to Instagram. It’s a form of published content that disappears 24 hours after being posted – similar to My Story on Snapchat. Relationships have been very well received by app users and it is now one of the main forms of communication. We can add polls, votes, links, an event countdown, and much, much more to our stories.

Did you see interesting information in someone’s report, a nice photo or anything else that you would like to pass on? In this text, we will explain how you can do this. It is much simpler than it may seem, but you have to know the way – once we know the way, it won’t be a problem anymore.


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How to share someone’s Instagram story?

The way to share someone’s story on Instagram depends on whether the person publishing the content has marked us on it. In the event that we have not been marked on the relationship we want to pass on, there are two ways.

If we want to share a story with a friend, we can do it by sending a link to it. To do this, when viewing someone else’s story, click the three dots icon in the upper right corner, right next to the cross. Then select the Copy link option and send it directly to a friend, or click on Share and send the content from the application to the selected recipient. The person to whom we are sending the link will be immediately redirected to the relationship by clicking on the address.

share someone's Instagram story
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However, if we want to share someone else’s relationship in our relationship, the situation is slightly more complicated. The only possible option is to take a screenshot and insert the selected photo from the gallery into your story. It is worth remembering that in such a situation, you should mark the author of the content that follows so that he is aware that his work has been made available.

The situation is different when sharing someone else’s post for your story. Under the post that we want to pass on, click on the icon responsible for passing content – it is right next to the like and comment. Then select the Add post to your story option at the top. Then we can add anything we want to the report, and all recipients will be able to see the post shared with us and move to it with just one click.


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How to share an Instagram story where someone tagged us?

In a situation where the author of the report marked us on it, passing it on is very simple. In this case, we automatically receive a notification about the tagging in a private message from the author of the story, and with it the Add to story option is highlighted in blue.

After clicking on it, we can immediately provide the content in our report by adding the selected comment or one of the effects. It is therefore very quick and convenient, which will take us only a few seconds.

How to share someone’s Instagram story on Facebook?

There are two ways to share someone else’s Instagram story on Facebook. If you want to share someone’s story in a post, click the three dots icon in the upper right corner of the selected story and – as in the case of sending a story to friends – copy the link, then paste it to a new Facebook post. We can also use the direct sharing option and choose Facebook from among the possible applications.

If we want to share someone else’s Instagram story on our Facebook story, it will be necessary to take a screenshot again. Then we choose a screenshot from the gallery and add it to your Facebook story – just like on Instagram.

If we want to continue the Instagram report in the Facebook report, on which someone marked us, all you need to do is select the appropriate options in the settings. On Instagram, go to your account tab, click the three bars icon, and select Settings. Then go to the Privacy and Relationship tab. At the bottom is the Share option and in this tab, we have to check Share your story on Facebook. From now on, all our stories posted by us on Instagram will also automatically appear on Facebook.

share someone's Instagram story on facebook
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Is it possible to share an Instagram story from a person with a private account?

If we want to share a person’s relationship with a private account via messaging, we can only do so with people who also follow that account. Otherwise, what remains is a screenshot or a screen recording – but that’s according to your conscience.

In the event that a person with a private account has marked us on their account, we can easily pass it on to their profile. Our application can still be viewed by everyone – not only those who are following the author of the shared story.

After reading this guide, the topic of sharing Instagram stories should no longer be an obstacle for you. As we mentioned – it is not as difficult as many people think.