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How to set up and edit voice commands on Google Home

A few weeks ago, Google surprised the world with an update that allowed Google Pixel devices accept voice commands without even mentioning the phrase “Ok Google”.


This caught the attention of many users, who today may already know that Google Home will update the voice commands of each person and will open up endless options for those who want smart control to be more flexible.

The Google Home app is here to help you set up and control compatible speakers, displays, lights, cameras, and other devices. With this application, enabled to phones Y tablets Android, iPhone Y iPad can be consulted notifications, send messages, view reminders and make calls.

Steps to set up voice commands on Google Home


The smart speaker developed by Google has a function called shortcuts (or shortcuts), and with it you can do things like tell the assistant that it’s time to take a nap so that it wakes up the person in 2 hours, as well as telling it that it’s time to train it to put music electronics, and much more.

In order to use this function, what you have to do is go to this section, which is quite hidden. Here are the steps to follow:


1. for create custom commands there is to open the google assistant and click on the compass icon that appears in the upper right to access the section To explore.

2. There it is necessary open the tab for some of the voice commands.

3. Then you have to go down to the end of the tab to be able to access Manage shortcuts.


4. Now, access the option shortcuts.

5. Here you can say what you want Google Assistant to do when you say a question or phrase. Different sentences can be written for the same action.

When typing the voice command, You have to be careful with accents. Sometimes the assistant does not put them during the dictation, with what sometimes you will have to write some words without accents.

At the bottom of the section shortcuts The most popular customizations appear, but only in English. You only have to translate into Spanish the actions that are useful to use in the preferred language.

This is how you can edit voice commands in Google Home

As already mentioned above, different commands can be created like ‘Exercise’, ‘Music for cooking’ and more actions for the wizard to launch a specific playlist from a streaming service that it is configured.

These commands already have a phrase predefined by the application itself and in some way limited its interaction with the user. Today, that has changed and can modify most processes. Taking one of the examples above, if there is a routine called ‘Exercise’ that triggers music from Spotify either AppleMusic, in the application it will have the same name.

Can now be edited using the pencil icon that appears next to the name when you enter the edit mode of a process.

Keep in mind that there are still commands that cannot be modified. They will be identified by a pencil icon that does not appear next to the user’s name.

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