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How to see and cancel the applications that one is subscribed to in the Google Play Store

How to see and cancel the applications that one is subscribed to in the Google Play Store
How to unsubscribe from apps from the Google Play Store. (photo: 20 Minutes)

Probably, it has happened to many TechMarkup readers that they have subscribed to one app or other content of Google play, but they want to avoid unwanted payments in the future. Subscriptions to this app store renew automatically, so whether the app is removed from a android cell phone or stop using it, they would not be doing things right.

so it’s important Cancel this subscription to not see certain amounts being discounted on the card every month.

Google (as much as Manzana) have been opting for the famous free trials for some time, but making sure you have a payment method first, so after this trial is over, you will be charged for the first month of the subscription. You’d think there’s nothing wrong with that, except that many users don’t know exactly where to go if they don’t want to keep this subscription.


Whenever a subscription is made in the Android application store itself, the only option is to cancel it in the same way. Therefore, it is necessary to go to Play Store To unsubscribe. You have to see how it’s done.

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How to cancel a subscription in the Google Play Store from Android

Before beginning this guide, it is extremely important to know that everything that is going to be indicated below is for the subscriptions that are concretize through the official android store.

That is, in the event that a plan has been contracted externally, within the provider’s website, it will be there where the steps must be taken to eliminate the paid subscription. This detail is important when it comes to having more or less facilities to complete the entire procedure without users having to go through a thousand previous steps: surveys, ratings, warnings if the user is safe and more.

Google play.  (photo: Google)
Google play. (photo: Google)

Having said the above, the following must be followed Steps to not be subscribed to applications in the Android cell phone application store:

1. Open Google Play Store.

2. On the top left, click on the three horizontal lines so that the store menu is displayed, which is full of options.

3. You have to click on the section subscriptions to go to the place where it is possible to consult all the ones that are active. Whether they are storage plans, applications, antivirus, video or music streaming platforms, etc.

4. Touch on the service what is desired Cancel and a screen will appear that is the one that shows the relevant information of that subscription: date of the next payment, method that you use to make it (card, PayPal, etc.), etc.

5. Since what you want is to cancel it completely, you have to look for the button at the bottom Unsubscribe.

6. Once confirmed twice, the service will be disabled and the next charge will not occur.

Cancel a subscription in the Google Play Store.  (photo: Google Support)
Cancel a subscription in the Google Play Store. (photo: Google Support)

Of course, if you are within the trial period, you can continue using the app until its conclusion or, if the remaining months are up to what would have been the time of renewal, it will also be maintained without any alteration.

It is important to remember that you should only unsubscribe from all those apps that are being testing and it is not clear if it will continue to be used.

Extra fact: cancel subscriptions from the PC

Finally, it can be done from a computer and the process is even easier. You only have to access this link and the list of subscriptions will be seen under the forms of payment.

It is time to check the entire list in detail and cancel the one or those that are desired. After this section, by the way, the order history is available, through which you can check how much money the user has spent on that game that they liked so much, and thus try to keep better control of this.

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