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How to see all history on Netflix

How to see all history on Netflix
Netflix.  (photo: REUTERS/Denis Balibouse)
Netflix. (photo: REUTERS/Denis Balibouse)

Netflix has become one of the streaming platforms most used by all Internet users. Over time, this platform always reinvents itself and offers new content to all its followers, which are currently billions worldwide.

Despite its great popularity, there are still many users who use borrowed or hacked accounts, which not only harms the company, but also the account owner. The reason? Netflix may change search recommendations due to shows or movies that other people enjoy on the main account.

However, there is a native method, unknown to almost all users, that It allows you to see the history of all the content that is consumed on the platform. To run it, you only need one computer to access one’s account and follow the steps that TechMarkup will show below.

This is how you can see the history of Netflix

When a user has seen, for example, all seasons of Elite or the same ones from Breaking Bad, what Netflix usually does is hide that series as if nothing had been seen; which means that you have to use the search to see Elite again.

And the truth is that here Netflix can score a good point when compared to other platforms, except for Amazon Prime Video which has something similar, since both offer the ability to view the list of content that has been played. This is how it can be done:

1. You have to enter netflix.com.

2. Once you have started the session, you have to leave the mouse pointer on the Profile to activate it.

3. Touch on the option Bill.

Netflix 'Account' option.  (photo: Netflix.com)
Netflix ‘Account’ option. (photo: Netflix.com)

4. And now at the bottom, in Profile and parental control you have to extend the profile to click on viewing activity.

can also be done from active profile of those who have and go through this viewing activity link. Even from that page you can click to go to the episode or movie played or see the votes given.

An interesting way to know everything that has been played in the last few days and thus recover a particular episode of a favorite series that Netflix had hidden with your preferences.

Watch content on Netflix.  (photo: MuyComputer)
Watch content on Netflix. (photo: MuyComputer)

Two tricks to find content quickly on Netflix

1. Manually edit the ‘Keep Watching’ option

This option will be useful, since you can edit the titles of the option Continue watching and thus eliminate what is no longer interesting, so that Netflix never remembers it. It will also help you find what you want to keep watching faster, so that really is a big plus.

From the website or with the latest version of the Netflix app, simply place the cursor over the carousel (list of options). and then hover over the row title.

In the mobile device, play Menu and see what options you have. Select Remove from queue.

Another option is remove titles from Watch History so that they are also removed from Continue Watching.

Continue watching on Netflix.  (photo: ComputerHoy.com)
Continue watching on Netflix. (photo: ComputerHoy.com)

2. Use the ‘My list’ function

It is one of the classics, but it is the best way to have everything that matters so that it does not fall into oblivion.

While searching for the new movie to watch, or simply because the platform recommends through different carousels, it is common to find the movies of interest to watch, but at this point you cannot start. It is better to add them to the list without fail.

This list is the first to visit when you don’t know what to watch and are looking for a new movie or series for a certain time. Many people will be surprised at the things they forgot to see.

My List feature on Netflix.  (photo: Xataka)
My List feature on Netflix. (photo: Xataka)

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