How to Securely format Android phone and remove all its data


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How to format the android phone, format android mobile, how to delete all the data of phone at once

Formatting a hard drive from scratch is relatively common on PC, to make it faster, or prepare it for sale. Android phones can also be formatted but in their own way. Although the process to format Android phone is more outdated than classic PC formatting.

If you are preparing to sell your android phone or giving it to your loved ones, you should format the phone to the factory state, we will tell you how. The process is simple, although it contains two steps, the premise is that your phone has a MicroSD card and you also want to format it.

Format your SD card

If you use a MicroSD card, you may need to format it as well. Unlike the internal storage of the phone, the MicroSD card is removable, so you can remove it from the mobile device, connect it to a PC, and format it in the usual way. You can also format your MicroSD card from the phone. It is recommended to format it before formatting the internal storage of the phone.


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To format the MicroSD card of an Android phone, you need to go to the system settings and click “Storage”. Then, tap on the name of the MicroSD card in the “Portable Storage” section. In the open file manager, click the menu button ⋮ and then select Storage settings.

How to format android phone


This will open a memory card information window, that shows the total space and available space, and one or two buttons, depending on whether the phone accepts a card formatted as internal storage.

If you want to format the memory card so that it has nothing to do with the mobile device (that is, you can remove it and use it on other devices), click Format. Then a confirmation window will be displayed in which you need to tap on it again to format the SD card.

How to format the SD card, Format the android phone

This will erase all the data on the SD memory and format it with the settings recommended by Android. The result is basically the same as removing the card, connecting it to the PC, and using the usual format command.

Format the Android phone

If you want to perform the same operation, but are using an Android mobile device, the operating system is technically called a factory reset or wipe. In fact, this is exactly the same: restore the storage to its original state, that is, delete all the content.


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To format the internal storage space of your Android phone, you need to enter the settings and then tap on the system section. Then enter the restore option, and then tap to return to the factory state (erase all). Note that different layers of customization may refer to this option as a slightly different location or change locations.

The mobile device then shows you a summary of all the content that will be erased from the mobile device, including account settings, application data, and any other content on the mobile device’s internal storage. It also includes a list of mobile phone login accounts.

If you plan to sell your phone, it is recommended that you remove or delete your Google account before proceeding, because when you reconfigure the terminal as a protection measure, you will be asked to log in. If you don’t want to sell your phone and continue using it yourself and want to configure it the same, it is not necessary: ​​press Clear all data.


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The new confirmation window will highlight and you will be unable to undo this action. If you agree with it, tap on Clear all data and wait for the process to complete. After that, the mobile device will restart, and when you return it will be factory restored.

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