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How to remove water residue when an iPhone or iPad gets wet

Although the iPhone Y iPad have been waterproof for several years, if it gets wet, it is better to expel the water from the earphones and microphone to make them work properly again.


If you find that they are not working well, there is a very simple way to remove water from an iPhone and even an iPad and better yet, it can be done through a application completely free which is available on the app store.

The best of all is that all water can be removed from the microphone, charging slot or earpiece in less than a minute and its operation is done with the push of a button. Of course you have to configure it, although it is very fast and will finally fix the problem immediately.


This is how you can expel water from the iPhone or iPad

As mentioned above, the only thing you need is an application under the name of Water Ejectthe app Shortcuts for iPhone and iPad, and as usual in these cases, a connection to Internet and the last update of iOS either iPad OS in it device from Manzana.


The only thing that is needed now to expel water from an iPhone or iPad is to follow these simple steps (the steps are the same for both devices):

– In the beginning, unlock iPhone or iPad and choose the app shortcuts.

– Now, in the upper right corner, choose the icon + to add a new shortcut.


– Right now, click here to download and install Water Eject Shortcut.

– Click the button Get shortcut.

Water Eject it will download to the Shortcuts app on your Apple device. Click on Add shortcut.

– In the final part, you can successfully start water ejection.

– Great! Water that has entered the microphones has been removed from the mobile.

If everything goes well, you will briefly see the sound icon on the left side and the mobile will start to emit a slight vibration. Depending on the time, a message will be received for the user to connect to a website. Just ignore this option.

Once the process is complete, how to remove the remaining water inside an iPhone or iPad will now be easier, and everything should work properly again.

Even better, if the process is a bit long for you and you don’t want to access the Shortcuts application, there is the possibility of ask Siri let him do it saying: “Hey Siri, let’s start Water Eject.”

How to erase all iPhone content after 10 failed password attempts

The ability to wipe all mobile data after 10 failed password attempts is hidden in the device settings. telephone.

While the prospect of this data loss may seem scary, it is very unlikely that a partner or a child will accidentally delete all the data.

The reason is that after the 5th failed password attempt, iOS requires a 1-minute timeout before it can attempt to enter the password again. After the sixth attempt, a timeout of 5 minutes will be obtained. After the seventh, 15 minutes, etc.

This means that at it would take someone more than 3 hours to enter 10 wrong passwords. Next, TechMarkup explains how to enable this setting.

– Play Settings.

– scroll to Touch ID and Password.

– Enter the iPhone passcode.

– Change the setting ‘Delete data’ a Activatedand ready. This is all.

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