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How to Remove PDF password without software

How to Remove PDF password without software

Sometimes you have documents in your hands that are best not to be left lying around, so you had the idea to protect this document with a password. A good idea in itself, except that if you forgot this password, it can quickly become complicated. We will discuss in detail to Remove PDF password without ay software.

Indeed, you then find yourself stuck either not being able to print this document or even not being able to open it depending on the means of protection that you have put in place. but don’t panic, there are solutions.

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In this article, we are going to focus on the different ways to lock PDF and what they entail. Then, we will see how to bypass these means if you ever no longer have access to your document.


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Protect a PDF file

As we just said, protecting a PDF file can sometimes be useful for a whole lot of reasons, but what people don’t always know is that there are two different ways to do it. We explain how here.

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The opening password

Remove PDF password

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The first security is surely the one that comes to your mind immediately. Indeed, it consists in putting a password which ensures that whoever will not have it, will not be able to open this PDF file and therefore view its content.

Of the two methods that we are going to present to you, this is obviously the more restrictive and it is potentially the one that will bother you the most if you ever find yourself having forgotten the password.

Restriction password

The second level of locking is softer. Indeed, you will be able to open your document, except that you will not be able to copy, modify or print it unless you have this password.

It, therefore, remains restrictive and you will surely want to get rid of this limitation. But first, let’s see how to apply these two means of protection on your files if you wish.

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The method is as follows:

  • First, launch Adobe Acrobat DC software .
  • Then click on File.
  • Then on Protect with a password.
Remove PDF password

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  • Select the type of protection you want.
  • Enter a password and confirm it.
  • Apply the changes.
  • A small information bubble validates the change.

Remove PDF protection

Now that we know how to protect a PDF file, it’s time to get to the heart of this article. Indeed, here, we will present to you two techniques to succeed in achieving your ends without having this password.

As we have seen previously, there are two types of protection:

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  • Login password.
  • Authorization password.

The first allows you to prevent opening and encrypt the interior of the document and the second allows you to set a whole bunch of permissions: print, copy paste, modify, etc.

The opening password will not only prohibit the opening of the PDF file, but will also encrypt its content with the RC4 128bits algorithm.

Note: If your PDF file only has an authorization password, you’ve won! The two solutions proposed here offer you to download an “unbridled” version of your original document, but without restrictions.

If the PDF is protected by an opening password, it is very difficult to unlock it or even impossible if it has a complex password.

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Unlock PDF with a web browser

The first option is to go through an internet browser. In fact, when the time comes to open your file, do it via your browser and not via your usual PDF reader software.

Once you are in your browser, you will have access at the top right to the button to print this document, even if it is not open. Click on it and do not go to the end of printing.

Indeed, when choosing the printer that you can use, there will be an option that will allow you to save this document as a PDF. However, this will have the effect of not keeping the protection. The procedure is therefore as follows:

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  • Open your PDF via web browser.
  • Click on the print button.
  • Choose save in PDF format.
Remove PDF password

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Remove PDF Password With Free Online Service

There is a second technique for opening a password-protected PDF, but before we give it to you, we wanted to do a little reminder. Indeed, if this PDF does not belong to you, do not try to open it.

It is obviously illegal to force open a password-protected document that does not belong to you and it could get you into trouble. Do this technique only if this document is yours.


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This second technique, it is simple, is to go through an online tool whose goal is to blow up any protection that could have been put on your PDF file. One of these online services is FreeMyPDF.

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As the name suggests, once you access the website all you have to do is select the PDF you want to open that has a password and the online service will do it for you. .

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