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How to remove noise on Spotify podcasts

Spotify Anchor feature. (photo: Spotify)

anchorpowered by an improved algorithm, now provides the ability to record better podcast directly from a smartphone either Tablet. With the push of a button, all ambient noise is removed from the recording. This option is called Podcast Audio Enhancement and you can now use it to upload high-quality audio on Spotify.


Anchor confirmed this on their website. From there, they commented that this feature could be “the most valuable audio editing tool” they have ever released.

If any user is “recording while busy in a coffee shop, on the subway or with a baby crying in the background”, Podcast Audio Enhancement will have the solution for this podcast creator. After a few seconds, the recording will sound like it was recorded in a studio. Or at least that’s what the company claims.


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The solution to external noise in podcasts

Spotify bought Anchor a few years ago. Since then, he has bet on the future of the format on his own platform. Therefore, if you want to upload podcasts to the Swedish service, Anchor becomes one of the best ways to do it.

“Inspiration for podcasts is not always convenient. Sometimes it comes when you least expect it, and in shooting environments that aren’t perfect. But starting today, you no longer have to think about where and when, because with Audio Enhancement, all you need is your phone and the Anchor app to sound great anywhere. With a single touch”, explains the official page of anchor.


And it is only necessary to record and shit it. Content is automatically shared across all supported services, such as Spotify, Deezer Y Apple Podcasts. In addition, they have already released the podcasts with video:

Anchor function allows you to eliminate external noise in podcasts for Spotify

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Content creators can now use this AI in podcasts

Audio Enhancement is now available to all Anchor users at iOS Y Android. In addition, it is a completely free tool. If you want to use it, you only need update the app to the latest version available at app store Y Google Play Store.

To improve the audio when recording a podcast episode, you must first record one as usual. When it’s done, Anchor will display a new icon with the word “Link” in the lower right corner. The user must proceed to tap it and then play the sound to hear the correction.

How to use the Anchor feature on Spotify. (photo: Anchor)
How to use the Anchor feature on Spotify. (photo: Anchor)

One of the factors behind the popularity of podcasts is their proximity to the audience. This format appears to be quite intimate, and having the possibility of recording anywhere and uploading it with a more than acceptable quality can help any content creator to have a loyal and much closer audience.

Of course, this feature cannot be compared to professional studio and post-processing. At the end of the day, it’s always better to edit your audio in more professional software and with the right equipment.

With this, Spotify follows in the wake of other applications such as Zoom either google meet, which also offer background noise reduction technology. However, the multimedia streaming services company intends to go a step further by trying to improve audio at a podcast level.

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