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How to protect the cell phone from applications that steal data

Google confirmed that it will bring together several functions for users to better manage their security and privacy.

Security and privacy are fundamental issues for technology companies today and that is why Google announced a new feature pack for Android in which users will find easy-to-use options to protect their information.


This information had leaked a few months ago, but the company finally confirmed it after the presentation of its first smart watch and new cell phone, the Pixel 7which will be the first to bring these protection innovations to the market.

What features does the Android Security Suite bring?

All cell phones with this operating system have Security and Privacy options in their settings, but what the company wants is for both to be together in a single section and for users to be much easier to implement, which can help reduce the risks of information theft, attacks, file infection, among others.


So, from the outset, this new section will show the owner of the cell phone if their phone is at risk or not. If it is, it will show you a list with the alerts and possible actions to take to change the situation, one of them will be uninstalling a harmful application.

Google makes changes in the security section for Android phones.
Google makes changes in the security section for Android phones.

This will be the first thing that people will see, because once you delve into the details of the section, they will find another variety of options. One of them will be to scan the phone, which will allow you to check if there are any dangerous files and do a cleanup like the one offered by other applications in the past.


Additionally there will be functions to check the security or status of the Google account, check if the security system needs an update, the same for googleplay, or also find a lost device, among others.

There you will find the screen lock options that are already known, such as the fingerprint or facial recognition, so there will be functions that users have already recognized for a long time, only in a new panel.

The objective of Google is that these configurations reach their cell phones first Pixel and over time add them to all devices with system Androidwhich will arrive through an update and it will be the phone manufacturers who make the decision of which references will receive them.

Security and Privacy on Android will change soon for users to control it easier.
Security and Privacy on Android will change soon for users to control it easier.

With these tools, the company wants users to have more control over their security, since a large part of the responsibility for making good use of their mobiles falls on them.

An option that is added to the arrival of a PPV free and made by Google which will be available in Pixel 7. This will allow users to have a more secure navigation that will be directly linked to the company account.

Android malware that steals information and records users

cyber security company Zimperiumreported a malware called RatMiladwhich has the ability to remotely steal information and record audio without victims knowing.

According to the information, data to which the cybercriminals who developed this malware have access could potentially be used as a way to access company systems, a means of extortion to the victim and other uses that can increase the feeling of insecurity of the person attacked.

This malware is usually spread through the messaging app snapshot Telegram, because you can not use as a means of downloading any application within Google Play Store. However, according to Zimperium, once downloaded you get a virtual number generator called NumRent, and immediately the malware abuse the permissions requested by the application to download malicious software.

After successful installation, RatMilad proceeds with data theft basic information available within the device, the contact list, text messages, call logs, installed applications along with their granted permissions, GPS location, information contained within the SIM card, downloaded files, among other data.

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