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How to produce creative videos for social networks

How to produce creative videos for social networks
Filters for TikTok.  (photo: Day 8 Advertising)
Filters for TikTok. (photo: Day 8 Advertising)

Every day there are more people who are encouraged to create audiovisual content for social networks, either because they take it as a way to have fun or are starting their own personal brand or a business on-line. Meanwhile, on the internet there are many tips for making entertaining videos and TechMarkup has gathered the most relevant in this note.

Go beyond trends

Although they are important when it comes to creating viral content, making use of filters, themes or trendy songs, be inspired by aspects that have little or nothing to do with the trending topics of the moment, it will provide more ideas to put out content.

make a script

If the topic has already been chosen and information has been sought about it if necessary, it is time to organize the ideas that you want to convey in the video, as with a text where a beginning, middle and end are determined. You can even make a storyboard: a script in which the number and order of the scenes are also specified, as well as the actions that will be carried out in each of them.

Focus on the first few seconds


This tip is accompanied by the previous one. With the impact that the TikTok app has had on people, reels of Instagram or the shorts from YouTube, it became clear that if the user’s attention is not captured from the first second, he will quickly skip to the next video. So it’s important to make the first moments of the content the most impactful.

Pay special attention to the sound:

The musicalization of the videos is also a great tool to retain the interest of the users, dynamic sounds could motivate the viewer to stay until the end of the video. Besides, the use of songs that are in fashion will help to position yourself within the different social platforms.

Hold brainstorming sessions:


To find and have multiple video topics in advance, it’s worth setting aside a few minutes a week to do a video session. brainstorming, where you write down all the ideas that come to mind in a notebook, then select the ones that interest you the most and start developing them.

review similar content

It is not about replicating what other content creators already post on their networks. Knowing a little about the selected topics will allow you to have some certainty about what users want to seeand, although it was mentioned that taking inspiration from aspects outside of social networks gives a greater scope of creativity, it is not a rule and in some cases ideas could be found to build on.

Carry out other types of activities that expand creativity

If you have decided to create content on social networks, the ideal is to focus on a specific topic, that is, there are bloggers on travel, fashion, art, design, technology and many other topics. Carrying out an artistic activity and/or taking courses in some discipline provides a large number of ideas. For example, if a gastronomy course is taken, several videos could be made preparing the previously learned recipes.

Avoid extreme self-demand


It is possible that when you expect the video to be perfect or as you imagined it in your mind, you spend too much time making changes or adjustments. And once published, the dissatisfaction with the result or the reaction of the users will invade the mind. It is advisable to continue making and posting videos as techniques are perfected.


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