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How to prevent the word “writing” from appearing in WhatsApp

When one is writing in a WhatsApp chat, the recipient will see the legend “writing”, with which he can know that the sender is typing a message for him. However, andThere are different options to hide this label and avoid this alert.

Next, some tricks to prevent the “writing” legend from appearing.

1. Airplane mode

The easiest option is turn on airplane mode on the cell phone. By doing so, the device will stop receiving WiFi signal or cellular data, with which the user will be disconnected from the world and therefore what he is doing within WhatsApp will not be visible nor will any type of legend be issued. It will not appear “online” either. another important aspect to take into account if you are looking for more privacy on the platform.

To activate airplane mode, you must enter the options menu that appears in the upper margin of the mobile device. Also, it can be enabled by entering the mobile Settings menu for which you have to press the nut icon. Then you must write “airplane mode” or “offline profile” in the internal search engine that is in Settings and activate the mentioned option there.

Now, the message is written in the corresponding chat and when it is finished, airplane mode is disabled to reconnect to the network and thus ensure that the message reaches the recipient.

2. Send the message to a personal chat

Another option is to send the message to a personal chat; that is, to a conversation created with oneself. How is that? To generate this type of chat, the first step is for the user to enter the address book and create a new contact with their phone number. Then you have to enter WhatsApp, click on the three points that appear in the upper right margin and click on New group. Doing this will display the contact list. You must find your own name and add one more user.

Then remove the other user and a conversation with your own personal line will be created. There one can record, write messages and then forward them to the recipient. That way the “writing” will not appear. This technique of having a personal chat can also be very useful to send each other reminders, documents and other information that you want to have on hand and available for other occasions.

3. Write the content on another platform

Another very simple method to stay somewhat hidden is to write the text in a notepad, Word, Doc or in any other platform that is not WhatsApp; and once it is finished producing, it is copied and pasted into the corresponding conversation. It is a less sophisticated but equally effective alternative to maintain a little more privacy when writing or producing content.

4. Use an external application

One option is to download the Flychat application that allows you to enter a kind of “incognito mode”. It is available in the Play Store, it is free and it works not only with WhatsApp but also with Messenger, Line and video call platforms such as Hangouts and Skype.

The application works simultaneously and automatically so it will keep the user hidden from the various applications. Thus, the contacts will not know if you are writing or connected.


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