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How to prevent scams in Daviplata and avoid false payment receipts

How to prevent scams in Daviplata and avoid false payment receipts
Security tips to avoid losing money and being scammed in the application.

The use of digital wallets has become widespread in Colombia Y DaviPlata It is one of the applications with the most users, which draws the attention of cybercriminals who create different types of theft.

One of the most complete is DaviTrap, an application cloned from the original that does the whole process just like the official one, sending proof of payment and false confirmation messages because the money never arrives.

The bank alerted users of the app so that they do not fall for this deception.


“This type of fraud is not new, it has already happened, and our main recommendation to customers is that, no matter if they show you a text message or an image, it is always necessary to verify that the money has actually entered your account” , assured the entity to TechMarkup.

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Tips to avoid scams


The first point that must be taken into account is distrust. Given the large number of forms of theft that are constantly being created, it is best to make sure by all possible means that the money has arrived and is complete.

Payment vouchers and text messages are part of those confirmation items, but they can’t be the only ones because, like the clone app, fake images are generated and the transaction never goes through.

The same happens with those who alter photographs, using editing tools, send the image ‘confirming’ the payment but it is a screenshot or screenshot to which the data has been modified.


So it is always best to verify the balance of the account, that the money is already in our possession and after that continue with the sales process.

In the case of SMS or text messages, the financial institution gives fundamental advice, only “text messages that arrive from these codes: 85888, 87718 and 89899″ They are the “authorized” ones. So the recipient will need to match one of those numbers or else it’s a scam.

Other important cybersecurity concepts that must be taken into account is to never receive help from an unknown person to make a payment through the application or at an ATM.

It is also important to take care of the platform access password, which must be a unique combination of numbers and change it periodically. It is preferable not to use known dates such as your own or family birthdays because it is easy for a criminal to guess since many people report those dates on their social networks.

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The clone application with which they would be scamming users in Colombia.
The clone application with which they would be scamming users in Colombia.

Three digital banking options

-NFTaltents: the first collection of NFTs in the metaverse with a social purpose, inspired by the children’s stories of the foundation Game time In colombia and created by emerging crypto artists from the same country.

-Mi Comercio: young entrepreneurs will be able to turn their cell phones into a dataphone. The function is in the Davivienda Móvil application where there are different payment options for sales at physical or virtual points, and in addition, you can consult the information of the business, sales statements and movements, tax certifications, among others, at no cost.

-efectoi.org: is a tool with 3 modules to develop social business ideas.

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