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How to prevent a person from knowing that their profile on TikTok has been reviewed

TikTok.  (photo: UnoCero)
TikTok. (photo: UnoCero)

Surely the vast majority of users of TikTok have noticed a curious novelty in terms of viewing profiles. Specific, the apps now allows you to check if someone has viewed an account in the last 30 days thanks to an option that starts to appear for certain users at the top of the profile and in addition, it can be very easy to activate and configure.

This is a useful option that helps avoid using third party applications often malicious ones that promise to verify who has interacted with an account.

However, the TikTok feature has a few points that some might consider a drawback. And it is that, other users can also see that one has visited their profile through the same option. Fortunately, there is a way to prevent this from happening.

First of all, keep in mind that no user can see that you have viewed their profile if the view option is not available in the account. This feature is available thanks to the latest version of TikTok, but it is activated progressively for each region of the world.

If a user goes to their profile and the eye icon does not appear at the top, means that this option not available in their account and therefore they cannot know if someone else’s profile has been seen or not.

TikTok option to verify users who have visited our profile.  (photo: TikTok/Jose Arana)
TikTok option to verify users who have visited our profile. (photo: TikTok/Jose Arana)

Steps if you do not want a person to know that your profile has been seen on TikTok

Now, if this feature is already available on the account and you want to prevent someone from knowing that you have been stalked For one, you have to follow the following tutorial:

1. Access TikTok and go to the section of the Profile.

2. Then press on the eye icon that appears at the top of the screen. Remember that if it does not appear, it means that the function is not yet available. In that case, you will have to wait for TikTok to include it in the account.

3 Once inside the views section of the TikTok profile, click on the gear icon that appears at the top.

4. Finally, deactivate the option called ‘Profile view history’.

Steps to turn off TikTok views.  (photo: TikTok/Jose Arana)
Steps to turn off TikTok views. (photo: TikTok/Jose Arana)

If you go to the TikTok profile view and it’s disabled, there’s nothing to do because when it is inactive no user will be able to see that you viewed their profile. Of course, the app does not allow checking who has viewed the profile unless this option is enabled.

This is how you can use voice effects on TikTok

1. Open TikTok and press the + (plus sign) at the bottom to start recording the video.

2. Press the button Engrave. Record the video as usual, then touch it once more to pause or stop the recording. When you have finished recording, touch the check mark.

3. In the gallery of options at the top right, touch voice effects.

4. When the window opens from the bottom, tap to hear each effect. If you want to use it, select it and touch it outside the window. If you decide not to use the effect, touch None on the far left.

5. Other effects can then be applied to the video, such as text or stickers. Click on Following when it’s over.

6. Continue to choose post options, save the video, or just tap Post like any other video that is created.

Voice effects on TikTok.  (photo: TecnoBirdman)
Voice effects on TikTok. (photo: TecnoBirdman)

Finally, To upload a video and apply a voice effect to it, the process is exactly the same: Once the video is downloaded, click on the voice effect and then select the effect that you want to apply to said video.

It should be noted that sometimes TikTok voice effects can be a bit annoying, especially if the downloaded video does not have good audio quality. In these cases, it is better not to apply any effect.

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