How to post photo on Threads

How to post photo on Threads

Threads is a social network that competes with Twitter in the microblogging segment — so much so that there is a way to post photos, videos and texts on Meta‘s platform in a very similar (or almost equal) way to what is done on Passarinho Azul.

How to publish photos on Threads?

Posting a photo on Threads is a very simple task:

  1. Open the app;
  2. Tap the new post icon in the bottom bar;
  3. Tap the clip icon and attach the desired photo — you can post up to 10 photos at once;
  4. Tap publish.

Threads: To delete profile you need to delete Instagram account

You can also publish images within a response directed to your post or that of other profiles. There is also a way to create texts of up to 500 characters to accompany the attachments.

Formats and size supported by Threads

In addition to photos, the attachment button also allows you to add videos to the post. Each publication supports videos of up to five minutes in length, while photo galleries accept a maximum of ten files.

Despite imposing these limits, Meta does not specify the maximum upload size for each file type and which formats are not supported by the platform. Not even the app shows this information.

In tests, Threads accepted the main extensions available, but had difficulties uploading heavier media — such as 4K images or raw file videos (without understanding). In this case, the upload stuck in “Publishing…” mode and there is not even an option to cancel the procedure.

Threads even offers other features for you to try, like stopping notifications and seeing your subscription number .