How to Place and Edit Widgets on iPhone Lock Screen


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How to Place and Edit Widgets on iPhone Lock Screen

Widgets allow you to customize your iPhone screen, giving it more personality. Starting with iOS 16, you can place and edit widgets on the iPhone lock screen to get app information quickly.

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On iPhone, you can add widgets to the Home screen to make your phone feel personal, get data and access apps quickly. With the update to iOS 16, you can insert and customize widgets on the lock screen. There are only two places available to insert widgets on the lock screen: above or below the clock.

Above, by default, the day, date and month of the year are displayed, but you can choose other information such as calendar events and Stock data. Below, you can add shortcuts to display information such as the battery level of your accessories (AirPods, Apple Watch and others), Fitness activity circle, and appointments.

Add widget on iPhone lock screen

To preserve your privacy, some information only appears when you unlock your phone using Touch ID or Face ID. Now, see how to add and edit widgets on iPhone lock screen in iOS 16.

  1. Open the iPhone lock screen;
  2. Press with your finger until the customization options appear;
  3. Tap “Custom”;
  4. Select “Add Widgets”, or, if there is one, tap on a widget;
  5. On the “Add Widgets” screen, tap the widget you want to add;
  6. If there is no space to add widgets, tap the “-” button to remove them or switch to other widgets;
  7. Tap the date above the clock to swap it for other widgets such as calendar events, Fitness activities, and weather updates;
  8. Tap an empty space, then “OK” to save.
Tap “Custom” to add widgets on iOS 16 lock screen (Screenshot: Thiago Furquim/Canaltech)

Ready! You can now widgets to get information and app access on the locked screen on iPhone with iOS 16.