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How to permanently delete an Apple ID account when migrating to Android

Anyone who wants to definitively disassociate themselves from the ecosystem Manzana and have no intention of returning to that ecosystem you can completely erase your Apple ID, a totally abrupt act because in the event that you want to return to this environment at some point, it will be necessary to register absolutely all the data to obtain a new Apple ID.


The user ‘ID’ of the device with the bitten apple icon is the Apple ID, a unique identifier for all products and services, associated with a person identified by first and last name, mailing address, emailnumber of telephone and number of credit or debit cards.

Branded products and services may no longer be usable because they require the addition of an active Apple ID in the setup process.


This is how you can cancel an Apple account forever

In order to permanently cancel the Apple ID, follow these steps:


– Access the website of Apple Data and Privacy (

– Sign in with Apple ID that you want to remove.

– Confirm the user identity entering email address and password.


– Go to section ‘Manage your data’.

– Enter the section ‘Delete your account’.

– press the option ‘Request to delete your account’.

Below, Apple displays information about all data that will be deleted when deleting an Apple ID account, recommending creating a backup of it before starting the removal process, including a link.

It also displays a menu with different options to report the reason for Apple ID removal. Once highlighted, click the button ‘Continue’.

A new page informs about all the lost data, then you have to press the button ‘Continue’ again.

Below are the terms and conditions for data deletion, the box that says ‘I have read and accept these conditions’, press the button again ‘Continue’ to complete the process.

Finally, and as a last resort in case someone regrets it, once the process is complete, Apple provides a code valid for one week, during which the Apple ID removal process may still stop.

What is Apple Pay and how to use it

ApplePay is Apple’s mobile payment service, a system designed for use with both the NFC chip of the iPhone and Apple Watch in different stores, such as for payments in different apps and websites.

I know they can add bank cards to Apple Pay and pay as if they had them physically, no need to enter a code, just identifying ourselves with Face ID or Touch ID.

It is important to specify that Apple Pay is a free service. Apple doesn’t charge a fee to use Apple Pay in stores, on the website, or in apps.

How to pay with Apple Pay on an iPhone

– If the user has a iPhone with FaceID, you have to double click on the side button. Authenticate with Face ID or enter the code.

– On the other hand, if you have a iPhone with Touch ID, place your finger on the corresponding sensor.

– Hold the top of the iPhone near the contactless reader until it can be seen okay and a check mark on the screen.

How to pay with Apple Pay on an Apple Watch

– Must have set a code at Apple Watch.

– Press twice the side button.

– The default card opens automatically. Now you have to scroll down to select another card.

– Hold the Apple Watch screen close to the contactless reader until a light touch is felt and a beep is heard.

How to pay with Apple Pay on a Mac or iPad

– enter a app or web compatible with Apple Pay.

– To select Apple Pay as a payment system before finalizing the purchase.

– Identify yourself with Touch ID or Face ID.

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