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How to mute, restrict and block a person on Instagram

Instagram has become for many years one of the social media most used and in which more hours are invested, both to spend time and to work. It is used to get informed, stay in touch, discover new products or services, learn, reach more people, show what you do, find inspiration and much more.

But not everything is so positive. Sometimes you can find accounts that are annoying, that you don’t like, that you think are sharing offensive content or that you don’t want them to see what you do. In these cases, we have the option of mute, restrict, block or delete an account on this platform.

Initially, Instagram allowed to block a person and ready, but over time it has gained all kinds of intermediate points, since in social networks we do not only have to have extremist functions. There were also options restrict accounts and mute them, which also restricts interactions, but not as radically as a lock.

If there are users who have questions about the differences between blocking, restricting and muting people on Instagram, TechMarkup brings what each one consists of and how to configure it.

mute account on instagram

This tool is the least restrictive and technically not very drastic. What changes is the visibility of posts from that account, whether they are regular posts or stories. Basically, it’s a function for when you don’t want to see what this person posts.

Accounts that have been deactivated can continue to view posts, comment and send messages, and they will not know that this measure was chosen, although they will be able to detect it if their posts are never interacted with.

The way to mute or unmute someone on Instagram is very simple:

1. Login to person profile.

2. Press the button Following.

3. touch Silence.

4. Check the box you want to disable (Posts or Stories).

Restrict account on Instagram

A bar above silence is restrictive, limiting the interactions the person can have with oneself.

Accounts that have been restricted can still comment and send messages, but messages arrive as requests and comments are only visible if they are approved. It’s like leaving that account to talk to yourself without them noticing.

Restricted accounts can’t see if you’re online or read the news, although they can still see your posts and stories. They may not know that their accounts have been restricted, though they may know intuitively if they suddenly can’t get read receipts or see that they’re logged in.

To restrict an Instagram account, proceed as follows:

1. Login to profile that you want to restrict.

2. Touch the button menu ⋮

3. touch To restrict.

Block account on Instagram

The concept of blocking is the easiest to distinguish, since it means cutting off any type of contact with the person in question. After blocking someone on Instagram, you won’t be able to send messages or comment, see if one is online, or view posts or stories.

Blocking works both ways and even the user will not be able to see this person’s full profile until it is removed. Instagram does not notify the other person that they have been blocked, although it is quite obvious when it happens as the account will mysteriously disappear. Comments and likes sent from an account that has been blocked disappear and will no longer be returned, even if the block is removed.

This is how you block someone on Instagram:

1. Login to profile of the account you want to block.

2. Touch the button menu ⋮

3. Choose To block.

4. You can choose to block this account or block this account and all future related accounts you might create.

Differences between muting, restricting and blocking a person on Instagram


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