How to measure the connection speed on Netflix and what it is for

How to measure the connection speed on Netflix and what it is for
Learn how to measure connection speed on Netflix. (photo: WWWhat’s New)

For many people, the measure of the quality of their home connection is often the amount of content on streaming that they can play at the same time, thus calculating the bandwidth needed to subsequently subscribe to the services of one provider or another.

Netflix offers a tool through its application to know the connection speed of the device on which this content is viewed.

From the own app, in several devicesyou can know the connection speed of the device the content is playing on, so you don’t have to leave Netflix to find out.

This tool is actually more useful on TVs, because knowing the data from the app itself, you don’t have to rely on third-party sites to carry out the process.

Speed ​​test on Netflix.  (photo: SoftandApps)
Speed ​​test on Netflix. (photo: SoftandApps)

How to measure connection speed

The same Netflix platform has an integrated function that we can install in smartphones and televisions, which allows knowing the connection speed of the computer on which the content is being played, without leaving the application to use a third-party service.

To know the speed of the network it is only necessary enter the Netflix app and to a user’s profile. Find the section ‘Get help’. On the phone, this is done through the menu (three horizontal stripes) in the lower left area.

"Get Help" option on Netflix.  (Photo:
“Get Help” option on Netflix. (Photo:

On the other hand, to do it on televisions or devices with google tv either AndroidTV, move the slider to the left and select ‘Support’ in the dropdown menu.

If you are testing from a television or device running Android TV or Google TV, such as a Amazon FireTV either chrome cast of Googlejust enter ‘Network check’ (or Network Check) on ‘Get help’.

You will see how the network test begins by taking measurements on different servers. The speed test may take a few more seconds. Then wait for it to complete to verify your connection speed.

Netflix connection speed measurements.  (capture: Xataka Mobile)
Netflix connection speed measurements. (capture: Xataka Mobile)

For smartphones, just click ‘Internet speed test’ in the ‘About’ section. Next, the browser configured by default is opened and ‘fast’ You can check the connection speed you have.

It should be remembered that Netflix recommends different network speeds, from the 25 Mbps required to access streaming in 4K UHD, through 5 Mbps for high definition (HD), 3 Mbps to opt for standard definition (SD) and generally a minimum of 0 .5Mbps

Fast from Netflix.  (photo: Andro4all)
Fast from Netflix. (photo: Andro4all)

How to know which are the most watched movies and series on Netflix

The lists of Netflix of the most viewed products on the platform mark the conversation not only on networks, but also outside of them. And the top 10 of the most consumed products also generate repercussions or recover not-so-new products that become a trend only because of their arrival at the big N.

Due to this widely used and consulted tool, Netflix decided some time ago to launch a web in parallel to the platform to streamline searches and try to make the true value of products more transparent according to consumption.

Netflix Top 10.  (photo: CompiTech)
Netflix Top 10. (photo: CompiTech)

The lists that can be seen will be: Global Top 10 Movies (English-Language), TV (English-Language), Movies (Non-English) Y TV (non-English speaking), and they will be from 90 countries. The site is available in English and Spanish.

Every Tuesday in Top 10 Netflix you can see which are the most viewed products not only in Argentina, Colombia, Mexico or Peru, but also in more than 90 countries.