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How to make Windows 10 run faster

How to make Windows 10 run faster Stock Photo.  EPA/ZOLTAN MATHE
How to make Windows 10 run faster Stock Photo. EPA/ZOLTAN MATHE

Updates to Windows operating systems sometimes add new features and applications to improve the performance of the computer, but they also add services that could degrade the performance of the processors.

By disabling these system features, which are not usually needed, you can make Windows 10 run faster.

1. Disable print manager

With the arrival of new technological innovations and people’s growing concern about the state of planet earth, printers are taking a backseat, and only occasionally need to be used.

In addition, currently most of the orders to print a file are made from cell phones, making this function of the computer obsolete, however, the application that manages the printing services on Windows computers continues to be active and working in the background. . Here are the steps to disable this manager completely.

– First, you must press the key combination Windows + R.

– When the “execute” window is displayed, type services.msc and press the enter key.

– As a third step, scroll down and double click on “Print Spooler”.

– Subsequently, the startup type must be changed to “Disabled”.

– Almost finished, click on Apply.

– Finally, in the “Service Status” tab, choose the stop option.

– Then you must accept and close the window.

2. Suspend the Fax service

If printers are “going out of fashion”, this device already did so several years ago, and although it was very useful and common to see in offices in the first decade of the 2000s, it is not a service that is currently used because most communications have migrated to the internet.

However, computers still include an interface to operate these fax services if necessary, especially equipment that is already a few years old.. As it is not usual for this function to be required by users, it is worth suspending it completely so that the operating system runs faster. These are the instructions to turn off this application.

– Open the “Run” window by pressing the Windows and R keys at the same time.

– In the text box, write services.msc and press Enter.

– Scroll down until you find the Fax function

– You must select the Fax option and change the “Startup type” to disabled.

– Click on “Apply” and finally on the “Service Status” tab, select “Stop”.

– As a last step, accept and close the window.

3. Disable touch keyboard function and writing pad

The touch keyboard is a function that displays a keyboard on the computer screen for typing using the mouse or keyboard. touchpad; As for the writing pad, it is another tool that allows you to write by hand using a stylus.

These are two functions that are not necessary for most people, but having them active in the background reduces the capacity of the equipmentso a good idea would be to disconnect these services from the computer by following the steps below.

– As a first step, you must write “Easy access keyboard” in the search bar, this is reached by clicking on the magnifying glass icon that is right next to the Windows symbol.

– Subsequently, select “Easy Access Keyboard Settings”

– In this third step, the option: “Use the device without a physical keyboard” is deactivated by clicking on the switch shown on the screen.

– To deactivate the writing panel, being already at the start of Windows, you must type “Handwritten input” in the same search bar

– Select “Handwriting input panel settings”.

– Finally, uncheck the box “Write in the handwriting panel with your fingertip”, by clicking on the switch.

4. Keep Bluetooth off

Nowadays, most technological accessories are wireless, such as headphones, sound speakers, external lights or mice. However, several of these elements are used more frequently from the cell phone by having it nearby all the time, unlike computers, so if you do not have any device paired with the computer, it is worth deactivating bluetooth and In this way, the performance of the operating system will be much better.

Perhaps, the steps to disconnect this service are the simplest in this list:

– Go to the settings by clicking on the Windows icon and then on the “nut”

– Go to the Devices section.

– As a third and last step, in the Bluetooth and other devices section, deactivate the switch making sure it is gray.

5. Suspend remote desktop services

This is a function included in almost all computers and was created especially for when a user needs technical support from Microsoft, however, just as an agent of this company can take remote control of a computer, it can be done by an unknown person trying to do a cyber attack.

In addition to improving the performance of the computer, for security reasons it is pertinent to disable this tool completely, these are the steps to follow.

– In the search bar that is accessed by clicking on the magnifying glass icon, write “Remote configuration”

– Later, select “Remote Desktop Settings”.

– Deactivate the function by clicking the switch.


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