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How to make the letter of the cell phone bigger

How to make the letter of the cell phone bigger
Colprensa Photo: Juan Antonio Sánchez Ocampo
Colprensa Photo: Juan Antonio Sánchez Ocampo

the letters of the mobile can be very small or compact when there are certain vision problems. The good thing is that, in just a few steps, it is possible to configure the system to enlarge the font size as well as make other adjustments to improve the overall experience.

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To access this and other settings that will be detailed below, you must enter the configuration menu by pressing the wheel icon. Then you have to click on Accessibility/Visibility Improvements.

The option that says Large screen right at the top increases the font size and the ability to zoom of the display. Besides, button highlighting functions are activated so they can be seen better. This option, as you can see, includes several optimizations together, although it is also possible to make the adjustments separately.

If you only want to modify the dimensions of the font, then you have to scroll to the end, within the same section and select the option that says Font size and style. There a new window will open in which you can select the style and dimension of the desired font. It is also possible to configure the use of bold for all texts.

Within Visibility Enhancements, you can find other settings such as color inversion, What it does is activate the dark mode. It is also possible to add a color filter on the screen in order to make the text easier to read. Within the options there are shades that go from the darkest blue to violet, passing through green, yellow, red, orange and pink.

For those who are sensitive to screen movements, the option that says remove animations. In addition, an option to reduce transparency and blur is available. This applies to dialog boxes and menus to make them easier to see.

It is also important to highlight the Magnification Shortcut. When this option is activated, you can use the zoom window to see the window enlarged; or the full screen option to zoom in temporarily or continuously.

Once the zoom has been activated, simply slide two fingers to scroll and pinch your fingers together or apart to adjust the level of zoom you want to have on the page.


This feature provides voice feedback of what is happening on the device. TalkBack was intended for people who cannot see the screen. This option is also activated from the accessibility menu.


Resize on iOS
Resize on iOS

To change the font size on the iPhone or iPad you have to enter the menu of Settingthen select the option display and brightness, and finally, Text size. Then you must drag the slider to select the desired font size.

If you want to increase the letter even more then, within the same section where it says text size click on bigger text to view larger font options. Then you have to drag the slider to select the desired font size.

iOS also has the zoom tool that is activated by sliding your finger over the text to enlarge as needed.

Read Screen

Those who are blind or have severely impaired vision Read Screen Aloud It may be the best option since it allows you to listen to the content of your entire screen. It also has an option to select and listen to specific parts of the text.

At the same time, it is possible to adjust the reading speed more precisely during playback with the Voice Controller; or even activate Read on Type to hear each letter typed on the keyboard. Since languages ​​are automatically detected, switching from one supported voice to another happens instantly. It is available in more than 35 languages ​​for all the content read and offers the possibility of customizing the pronunciation.


voice over provides accurate braille descriptions of what is happening on the screen. A refreshable braille display can be connected via Bluetooth to the device or you can write directly on the touch screen using the Braille Input functionality. Anything you write in braille is automatically converted to text and appears in a subtitle panel on your Mac, so sighted people can follow VoiceOver descriptions.


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