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How to make phone security pattern invisible

The mobile offers different options for to block your access. It is possible to set a PIN, biometric authentication (face or fingerprint, for example) or a pattern, which consists of a graph that is drawn on the mobile screen. Now, in case this last option is used, the user has a tool to make it invisible.


What is it about? Of theThe possibility of hiding the drawing that is made on the display to unlock the mobile, so that no one can see it.

This is important because if people around the user discover the pattern, they could, at some point of distraction by the phone owner, use that information to unlock the phone without the phone’s knowledge.


To hide the pattern you have to enter the cell phone settings menu, clicking on the wheel icon. Then you have to go to Lock screen and there enter Secure lock settings.

Click on that option and the option will appear Make the pattern visible. Deactivate by sliding the button to the left. In this way, every time the pattern is entered to unlock the mobile, the figure will no longer be displayed on the screen and will therefore be invisible.


How to add other ways to unlock

It is possible to configure more than one option to unlock the mobile. To do this you have to enter Lock screen, as mentioned above and within the option lock type, Activate the other desired entry methods. From here you can add a PIN, password or biometric options.

Hide photos and videos on mobile


Another important point to keep in mind when taking care of privacy is to establish certain mechanisms to hide certain photos and videos that are received on the mobile. For this you can use some applications that work as virtual vaults where these contents are hidden.


This app allows you to hide photos and videos from your cell phone. It saves them in a secret compartment within the app and they no longer appear in the gallery. It also allows you to add a PIN or pattern to restrict access to certain applications.

On the other hand, it has the “secret camera” option that takes photos of intruders that it detects trying to enter the protected system.


This application serves as a facade to store any type of information behind a virtual calculator. The vault automatically takes a photo when someone enters a wrong password and displays a picture in the app’s lock gallery.

Of course, it has an icon like a calculator, although only the owner of the cell phone will know the key that reveals the true secrets of this application.

secure folder

Some mobiles like Samsung have an option called Secure Folder. It is a private space inside the cell phone, where you can store photos, applications and notes that can only be accessed from this section.

By default, it appears on the home page with the name “Secure Folder”, but its name and appearance can be modified from the Settings menu, which is accessed by clicking on the icon.

Also from there you can establish which pattern, PIN or blocking system you want to use to enter this private space. This service has its own application manager and from this section you can download services such as Telegram, Gmail and configure them with different accounts than the ones you have on your phone. It’s like having a parallel universe inside the mobile.


iPhone offers a native option to hide images from its gallery, so there is no need to install any third-party app.

To make use of this tool, you have to locate the image or video that you want to hide from the gallery. Then, you must click on the Share icon that appears at the bottom of the screen. In the sharing options menu, click the option called Disguise and finally, confirm the action.

It’s also possible to hide multiple images at once from the Photos app. To do this, go to the Recents folder, then press Select in the upper margin, choose the content you want to hide, then click on Share and later, in Disguise.


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