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How to make content invisible on YouTube

How to make content invisible on YouTube

Quite a few users of Youtube have reported through different social media they can’t watch some videos or share them on other devices Android, because when playing them only the black screen appears and with the following notice: ‘restricted mode is enabled’, What does this mean, what is it for and how to disable it? then TechMarkup brings an explanation.

Although platforms like Twitter either tiktok threaten to take the throne from YouTube, the streaming service Google in 2006 after USD$ 1,650 million, it retains the number 1 platform that provides videos with a long extension. Given this popularity, Google has had to implement various tools to protect those who do not want to play inappropriate content. The restricted mode is one of the most popular features.

In restricted mode it greatly limits YouTube content

The idea behind this mode is filter the videos that are playing to avoid watching them if said videos have themes not suitable for minors. In fact, a good part of a video can be considered as not suitable: it is enough to use crude language for them to comply with this standard; it will reflect the black screen when played.

Restricted mode limits videos and also the comments of those videos. When activated, a black screen appears with the message “This video is not available with restricted mode enabled”.

In the case of comments, if the aforementioned mode is running, the messages are hidden under a “Restricted mode has hidden comments on this video”.

This restricted mode affects the following:

– On an enabled/disabled device

That is, if you are using a mobile phoneyou need to enable/disable restricted mode on the mobile device this mobile; without affecting the computertablet and any other device where YouTube is used with the Google account.

– On the family account

In the event that families with parents have teen accounts related to oneself, YouTube Kids Restricted Mode can be turned on.

– Smart speakers and displays have their own YouTube restricted mode

This affects all the content of the platform that is sent from the cell phone, even if it does not have the restricted mode activated.

In case you get YouTube black screen with message that you have enabled Restricted Mode, can be disabled as follows depending on the device or the environment you are in. On the other hand, if you want to enable restricted mode, you have to follow the same steps, since the process is identical.

This is how you can remove the restricted mode of YouTube on an Android cell phone or tablet

1. Enter the YouTube app and go to avatar icon.

2. Go to Setting.

3. Enter the General adjustments.

4. Descend to ‘restricted mode’ and disable it. Or click on the selector in case you want the opposite, activate it.

This is how you can activate or deactivate the restricted mode in a family account

1. If you don’t have it yet, you have to download the Google Family Link application on your cell phone.

2. Open the app and enter the account managed by the family.

3. Click on the family member you want to modify and click on Manage configuration.

4. Go to YouTube and turn Restricted Mode on or off.

5. To turn on the restricted mode, the family account must open YouTube on the cell phone at least once.

This is how you can deactivate the restricted mode of a Google Home or Nest

1. Open the app Google Home of the cell phone.

2. Go to the speaker or smart screen that you want to configure and press on the top Settings Icon, on the gear wheel.

3. Go to Notifications Y Digital Wellbeing.

4. Enter YouTube settings.

5. You have to look at the top menu in restricted mode and disable the options Restrict for me.

6. If desired, you can remove the restrictions for any YouTube video by unchecking the Restrict for unauthorized persons.

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