How to make armor support in Minecraft

See how to make an armor stand in Minecraft , a decorative object that players can place the created protection item on. Its main usability is to provide easy access to the player for when they need to leave the house with their protection.

In addition to the armature, which you can see how to make in the text on the side , it is also necessary to know how to make sticks , since the object is the basis for creating the support. With this knowledge, just follow the tutorial below.

It’s not just the armor the stand can hold; among other objects are: animal heads, pumpkin, shields and Elytra, a rare item in the game that allows flying. And for the creation you also need a Work Table , six units of sticks and one of smooth stone slab. Check it out below!

  1. Collect three units of smooth stone;
  2. Take them to the Working Table;
  3. Position like the image below;
Create a slab base to support the armor support
(Screenshot: Rodrigo Folter)
  1. This generates a few units of smooth stone slab; drag them to the inventory;
  2. Now, place a smooth stone slab and six sticks, as shown in the image below;
  3. Drag the armor holder to your inventory.
Use the slab and sticks to create the armor support
(Screenshot: Rodrigo Folter)

How to put armor on the armor stand in Minecraft

To place an armor on the stand, and remove it, is quite simple. Simply use the interact button with the selected Armor Stand to place it on the stage, then select each piece of armor and interact with the stand to complete it.

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