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How to make a working zipline in Minecraft: Bedrock Edition

zipline in Minecraft: Bedrock Edition

Ziplines are an interesting addition to the game. They provide players with quick transportation, which is not always available in Minecraft by design!

For Minecraft: Bedrock Edition players, there’s a glitch that lets you make zipline in Minecraft using chains and buckets of water. You can trick your game into thinking you’re in the swimming animation while moving along these suspending ropes attached to two blocks!

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Despite the player character swimming through the air, they are still being transported via zipline at a significantly quicker pace.


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Creating a zipline in Minecraft

You can still find the old glitch in Minecraft: Bedrock Edition that allowed people with a number of chains and a water bucket to create ziplines. All you need is one simple piece of equipment!

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If players want to create an exciting and adventurous zipline ride, all they need is a little creativity. Players can double up on their water buckets or trap doors for safety purposes as well as dig out some blocks at the desired location where it will go through so there’s no risk of getting lost down below!

  1. The zipline should be in a spot where there’s plenty of room to swing through the chains without getting hung up on anything. The player has to travel across them, so it would not do any good if you were blocked underneath one end or another because then they’ll just fall too soon and prematurely end their ride before even starting!
  2. The zipline entrance should be two or three blocks deep, depending on how far from the end you want players to swim. Dig a hole underneath your topmost edge block and make another one that connects with what’s been dug out in step 2 for more safety reasons!
  3. Make sure to create another hole that connects your entrance, underneath the topmost edge block.
  4. Insert the door into the hole created in step 3.
  5. Place the chain on top of the block and extend until you find a suitable destination. Be sure to place an underneath end as well, because players will fall when reaching their destination through ziplines
  6. Go back to the entrance of the line, grab the water in the bucket and fill the entrance with water.

What do you think about creating zipline in Minecraft Bedrock Edition? let us know in the comments

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