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How to Listen to Spotify Songs in Best Quality

Spotify. (photo: HDWallSource)

the battle for providing the best musical quality in the songs via streaming continues, in fact, Apple Music already includes themes Dolby Atmos Y Spotify has its equivalent, Spotify Hi-Fiwhich was released in late 2021.

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Regarding this last service, it will be explained how to access it:

Spotify provides sound quality by default and it varies depending on two factors, the first is the free or paid Spotify plan; and the second, the internet speed offered by the device connected. Whichever version has an effect.

Example: The maximum speed of the Spotify web player is 128 Kbits free and 256 Kbits paid.

But if Spotify is used for pc, Mac, iOS either Androidthe highest quality that will be obtained is 160Kbps free Y 320 Kbps for payments. In the case of podcast, the quality is 96 Kbits. Interestingly, the web player is up to 128 Kbits.

From there, to get default best quality, the following steps must be followed:

1. Access Setting. Depending on the platform, access rights may vary slightly. All versions of Spotify include this option except the web player.

2. Once in Settings, go to Sound quality. By default, the automatic mode is usually activated, adapting to the speed available at that moment.

3. But if you want the best quality, choose high by default.

High quality on Spotify.  (Photo:
High quality on Spotify. (Photo:

Modify Spotify equalizer to improve your hearing in music

Equalizer is always a very useful tool if you know how to use it. As a result, not everyone notices it and prefers to use the default options of the music player. But in minutes, the Spotify equalizer will help you enjoy songs better, improving the instruments and the sound depending on the type of music that is being played.

Available for iOS Y Androidthe equalizer will be found in Settings > Music quality > Equalizer (this on Android). On the other hand, in iOS the path is Settings > Playback > Equalizer.

From here you can choose one of the styles, patterns or profiles depending on the musical style or the main instruments. The disadvantage is that you will have to change the equalizer settings if you change the music style.

Spotify equalizer.  (photo:
Spotify equalizer. (photo:

regulate volume

Another aspect of Spotify that you may want to control is the music volume. In other words, each song has its own volume, and while all tracks should sound at the same level, this is not always the case. To avoid surprises if you wear a headphonesyou can activate the function of ‘Audio normalization’.

You can find this option in Settings > Playback. Regarding the quality, you can choose between High, Normal and Low (as already mentioned above). This aspect does not affect the quality of the songs; yes, instead, it will make the volume always be the same from song to song.

Depending on whether the user is alone at home or has been walking or jogging outdoors, or taking public transport at rush hour, it is convenient to use one volume or another by default in Spotify so as not to lose details of the music on the outside.

Audio normalization in Spotify.  (photo: ElOutPut)
Audio normalization in Spotify. (photo: ElOutPut)

Home Spotify Medal

From next October 11 to November 3 there will be a Spotify space in the city of Medellín in Colombia for emerging audio creators.

There will be workshops, master classes, panels and showrooms with renowned producers and personalities, designed to promote and enhance their creative abilities.

”We celebrate Colombia for its cultural and musical richness that is recognized worldwide thanks to its artists, producers and composers… We came to Medellín to listen to emerging artists and audio creators with the goal of generating opportunities for collaboration and promoting local talent”, said Mia Nygren, director for Spotify in Latin America.

Interested creators can register at this link.

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