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How to know which applications have access to the Google account

When you download a application accesses to the account of Google of the user. If, for example, a social network is used, the service may request access to the contacts in the agenda. In the same way that if you use an app to edit videos or photos, you will surely need to be able to access said multimedia content.

In summary, the platforms require certain permissions to function. In some cases such permission requests may be considered excessive or unnecessary. Or the user may simply decide that they do not want to trust that sensitive information with that service provider. For whatever reason, it’s important to know what information apps access.

How to see what account data Google access the apps

The Google account allows you to easily know and manage this information, following these steps:

1. Enter the Security section of the Google account.

a) To access this option from the mobile, you must open gmail, press on the three horizontal stripes from the top margin, go to Settingclick on the account to be configured (if there is more than one added on the mobile), then click on Manage your Google Account and there slide to the right until the flap that says Securityand then enter the section Third party apps that can access your account.

b) From the browser, on the computer, to access this option, you must click on the dotted square in the upper right corner next to the username, then enter Bill and on the right margin press where it says Security and then press on Third Party Apps that can access your account.

2. There you will see all the apps to which permission was granted and you can enter one by one

How to remove third party access to your account

In the event that permission has been granted to an app but now you want to remove it, then, from the aforementioned Security section, you must enter the corresponding platform and click on the option that says Remove access.

Keep in mind that even if you remove access to the app, it will no longer have the permission granted, it is possible that the platform will keep the information it had access to when it did have permission.

How to report a third-party app or service

If the app is suspected of using the information it accesses inappropriately, whether for identity theft, spam, or another reason, then it can be reported.

To make a complaint, you must enter the security section from the browser, following the points mentioned above (1 B) and within Apps that can access your accounta, enter the platform in question and then choose the option that says Report this app. When entering there, another page will open where you will be asked to explain the reasons why you want to make the complaint.

How to know what data other apps installed on the mobile access

In this case, the step by step was seen to visualize what data of the Google account the platforms access. It is likely that there are other apps installed on the cell phone that may not access certain information from the mentioned account but have permissions to other data or mobile tools.

To see a detail of all the platforms installed on the smartphone and the permissions they access, in the case of Android you have to press the gear icon to enter Settingthen press on Applications and then enter each service in particular to view the desired information.

For Apple, open Settingto select Privacy and then enter Application Privacy Report.


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