How to know what are the trending songs or audios on TikTok

How to know what are the trending songs or audios on TikTok

All the short videos of TikTok are characterized by something: music. Many times a song can make a dance trend and suddenly thousands of users replicate it. However, sometimes these songs are unknown, so we will tell you how to know which are the tracks of the moment.

Know the songs of the moment can also help to be in trend, To find out what they are, just enter this link where the most used songs on TikTok during the last week are listed.

According to the TokBoard platform, until March 9, the five most used songs in TikTok videos were:

1.- The King Khan & BBQ Show – Love You So

2.- Kevin MacLeod & Kevin The Monkey – Monkeys Spinning Monkeys

3.- Chillos – DARARI Speed ​​Up

4.- Say it Right

5.- Zerz Softboy – Pante Ting Ting

It is worth remembering that the platform has one billion users, is transforming the music industry showcasing new talent and forcing artists and record labels to confront the ambitions of the Chinese social network.

In a few years, TikTok has brought artists like Lil Nas X out of anonymity – his song “Old Town Road” has become the best-selling song in the history of the United States – and has launched careers like that of rapper Doja Cat.

The major labels, baffled at first, had no choice but to sign license agreements with TikTok and make it a central part of your marketing strategy.

After its global explosion during the first lockdown, the Chinese short video social network – initially called – has effectively become the main engine of musical discovery among young people.

72% even associate the themes directly with dance challenges that go viral on the app, calling them “TikTok music”.

However, some artists point to the risk of musical uniformity on TikToksince the algorithm favors productions pop or hip hoplikely to capture the attention of subscribers in a few seconds.

influencer marketing

After some conflictive beginnings and threats of lawsuits for copyright infringement, record companies and “majors” such as Universal, Sony and Warner have secured licensing deals with TikTok to monetize the use of your catalog.

“It would be a mistake to consider a distribution strategy without TikTok,” admits Jean-Charles Mariani, director of digital strategy at Universal Music France, since the company relies on the platform to “expand the audiences” of their artists among young people.

For this reason, the record companies adapted their marketing strategies to the codes and formats of TikTok, taking advantage of the emerging trends or resorting to “influencers”.

In parallel, TikTok is increasingly taking on the air of a music label, offering a new service for promoting emerging artists called Sound On. He has also helped independent artists, such as London-based songwriter Tom Rosenthal, gain a huge following.

Longest TikTok Videos

TikTok now allows you to post videos of up to 10 minutes, a breakthrough for some content creators.

In mid-2021, Tiktok announced that its videos would see a jump in their maximum time. We went from reproductions of up to 1 minute, to currently three minutes for all users. Now the high magnification is significantly high; and those in charge of the application say that it will be beneficial for its community and its creators.

(With information from AFP)