How to know the model of an Android cell phone and why it is a key piece of information

How to know the model of an Android cell phone and why it is a key piece of information
Android cell phone. (photo: Depor)

There are those who believe that knowing the model exact number of a cell phone is not relevant information, but when someone knows the model of your phone you can better identify the components that are compatible with it. Also, when it is lost or stolen, it is possible to see its location through the IMEI as well as, it can be identified if someone accessed the social networks.

How to know the model of an Android through the settings

The first thing is to enter the cell phone settings. To do this the user has to search for an application called Settings or Configuration that will be installed by default on the phone. Also, an effective way to find it is to put “settings” in the search engine smartphone.

Once inside the settings of the phone in question, it is necessary to click on the section phone information, which will appear near the bottom of the section list. In older versions of Android this can be found in the option System.

Within the Telephone Information section, go down until you see the section on Modelin which the exact model of the smartphone. Also, the aforementioned IMEI will be used to identify it. It is important to note that each model may have different versions, with different storage, even if they belong to the same phone model.

Android cell phone.  (photo: ENTER.CO)
Android cell phone. (photo: ENTER.CO)

Identify the model on the back of the phone

Although this method could be the first in the note, since it is for obvious reasons the fastest to know the model and other information about the phone, not all cell phones usually have this key information at the bottom of the case.

But if you’re lucky, all you have to do is look in the back of the phone. If you turn the smartphone over, you can see that a set of letters and numbers that have a meaning appear at the bottom of the casing.

Normally, the first thing you will be able to see is the model number, followed by the manufacturer and designer name, and IMEI number, of great importance.

How to know the model of an Android cell phone.  (photo: Week)
How to know the model of an Android cell phone. (photo: Week)

Last option: use an app

Finally, it is important to know that there are third-party applications dedicated to displaying all the data from an Android cell phone. TechMarkup recommends My Device – Device Infoalthough there are others in the Google Play Store What Droid Hardware Info.

After downloading and installing My Device, all you have to do is open it and enter the section devicethe first in the menu, so that all the information you are looking for appears on the screen: manufacturer, brand, model number, hardware, serial number and much more.

My Device Info. (photo: Google Play Store)
My Device Info. (photo: Google Play Store)

Why it is good to know the model of a cell phone and its manufacturing date

Finding out the model of a cell phone can also identify the date of manufacture. This can help determine the royal antiquity of a phone. With this information it is possible to price a used phone accurately to sell it, for example.

However, and as a recommendation mode, it is more important compare it with devices Similar and see how the market values ​​it. For example, information such as the exact release date, if it is the last generation of its line, how much demand there is, its status, among other things. People don’t usually care when a phone is made.