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How to join WhatsApp group video calls already started

WhatsApp is the preferred messaging application for millions of users in the world and has several functions that many may not be aware of, such as Join WhatsApp group video calls even if they have already started.

Gradually the Meta platform has added new options. Text messaging evolved into voice calls, then one-on-one video calls, voice messages, then group calls, and more recently join initiated video calls.

This option helps those who couldn’t answer the call because they were busy or distracted when they don’t want to miss the group chat. You can join a “missed call” in the following ways:


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1.- Open WhatsApp and touch the CALLS tab.

2.- If the call was initiated from a group chat, to join, you can open the chat and touch Join.

3.- If the call is in progress, you must touch the call you want to join. A screen with information about the call will open.

4.- From the call menu, touch Join.

Join a group video call later
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As a bonus, make sure everyone has a good Internet connection when making or receiving group calls. The quality of the call will depend on the weakest Internet connection between the participants.

You will also not be able to delete a contact during the group call. In order to leave, the contact must hang up the call from their phone.

It is possible to participate in a group call with a blocked contact if someone else adds it, but you cannot add a contact that you have blocked yourself or one that has blocked you. You can ignore the call if you don’t want to connect with a blocked contact.

It should also be noted that it is not possible to make calls to emergency service numbers through WhatsApp (such as 911 in the United States and Mexico). To make such calls, you will need to use another medium.

How to make a group call

In case there are some clueless people who always answer but never call, they should know that the steps to follow to start a group call are the following:

Open the group chat with the people you want to call.

– If the group chat has 33 participants or more, the group call icon must be touched.

– If the group has 32 participants or less, touch the call icon and confirm the decision. The first seven people to respond will be able to join the call, and only members of the group can participate.

– Search for the contacts you want to add to the call; then touch the call icon.


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Make a group call from the Calls tab

– Open WhatsApp; then touch the CALLS tab.

– Touch the new call icon and then New group call.

– Search for the contacts you want to add to the call; then touch the call icon.

– Make a group call from an individual chat

– Open the individual chat with one of the people you want to call.

– Touch the call icon.

– After the contact accepts the call, touch the open icon > Add participant.

– Find another contact you want to add to the call and touch ADD.

– If you want to add more contacts, touch Add participant.

It should be remembered that these functions use the WhatsApp group call screen, it will show the participants present in the call (the first contact that appears is the one that added us), and if you are using data, the provider may make extra charges.


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