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How To Improve Cell Phone Signal | 4 tips

The lack of quality in mobile connections is a situation that can cause a lot of frustration, whether on devices with 5G, 4G or 3G technologies. However, some tips show how to improve the cell phone signal, often solving the problem in seconds.

Escape the walls and low places

Elements such as walls, buildings and other types of physical obstructions can affect connection quality, especially in urban and high-traffic locations. To avoid this interference, it is always valid to move and go to a more strategic location.

As with many types of wireless connections, the higher the location, the more likely it is to have a satisfactory signal. Therefore, it is advisable to look for hills or other high points available.

Beware of cases

In some cases, poorly designed cases can interfere with cell phone signal reception, affecting internet quality. This situation is not so common, but the test is quite simple, so it’s worth removing the protection and seeing if the connection improves.

Discover the positioning of the antennas

Several internet services show where the connectivity antennas of different operators are positioned, in an easy and intuitive way. This is the case of the Conexis Brasil Digital portal , in which it is enough to choose the state and zoom in on the map to a certain area, to know exactly in which direction the signal should improve.

Get a signal booster

Repeaters or signal boosters can be used to improve the quality of mobile networks in a given region. These devices can be found in specialized stores, and the level of installation complexity depends on the size of the area they are going to cover.

However, the use of these products has the potential to cause interference , which is why the National Telecommunications Agency ( Anatel ) requires specific authorization for the boosters to be activated.

Extra: Does the “code to boost cell phone signal” work?

It is possible that some portals show a way to improve the cell phone signal through codes entered in the dialer, such as *#*#4636#*#*. In general, it is not possible to say that they offer options to help capture mobile networks.

Even so, the aforementioned sequence allows extra access to signal settings, such as choosing which types of networks the cell phone will use. However, it is not recommended to make changes in this aspect, since the devices come from the factory with the best possible settings for a given region.

Source: PCMagBusiness Insider

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