How to hide Instagram conversation: Step by step guide

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Without a doubt, one of the most intuitive social networks is Instagram. Your direct messaging may be one of the tools that users care the least about, but because it’s just a more private mailbox, many people choose to use it. Here is how to hide Instagram conversation?

We like sharing our best photos and use filters so that your appearance looks the best among the friends. We like to upload stories and love reading the stories of our friends. Also, we like to with friends, not friends, or even secret crushes, using super interesting stories as an excuse to react.

What if you don’t want someone to check this mailbox with curiosity? Easy … just hide Instagram conversation. We will explain step by step how to do this.



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Visit settings, where you can select the notifications you want the app to show you because the trick is to disable or hide the notifications.

Until now, we cannot hide Instagram chat because they can be hidden using WhatsApp, but by hiding notifications, neither other people nor we will notice them, because we will not receive notifications after receiving them.

How to hide Instagram messages?

Visit your Instagram profile and tap on the menu with three stripes. It’s in the upper-right corner of the screen.

At the bottom, click on Setting–>Notification–>Messages

A new window will appear with three options. You can choose according to your needs from those three options.

In order to hide the notifications of your messages, you must select the first option: “Disabled” so that the application does not notify you when the message is received, regardless of whether the message received is the main message or the normal message.

But if you select “Principal only”, You will receive notifications from Instagram in this category, and the rest of the notifications will not be noticed.

In addition, If you activate the “Main and General” option, you will receive notifications of all the messages that arrive in your mailbox.

Regardless of the reason, you know how to hide messages on Instagram, so these conversations will remain hidden and only suitable for you.

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