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How to have a digital signature on the cell phone

How to have a digital signature on the cell phone
How can I sign a document electronically?

Now it’s much easier to sign electronic documents without having to print and re-scan it. Everything can be done from the cell phone with digital signatures that are saved for any procedure that can be done from the mobile.

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According to Microsoft, “A digital signature is an encrypted electronic authentication seal on digital information, such as email messages, macros, or electronic documents. The signature confirms that the information comes from the signatory and has not been modified.

On the one hand, the company Adobe, has a new mechanism that allows you to have your signatures saved for when you need them, just click the review and sign link. “In the email you received from the sender of the document to sign, you can click on the ‘Click here to review and sign’ link.

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Then it will give you the option to “sign here”, and a pop-up window will open that will allow you to create your electronic signature in the provided field. Where you can choose between several options such as ‘write your name’, ‘draw with a mouse’, ‘upload an image of your signature’, or ‘sign with your finger’.

Finally, you can select ‘Apply’ to add your signature to the signature line and preview the signed document before approving it and you can easily send it without having to print the document.

how so sure is, according to Adobe, “digital signatures, such as our cloud signatures, are considered the most secure type of electronic signature in the world. If you need the highest level of security to identify a signatory, protect your transaction, or comply with local laws, you can use a digital signature based on a digital identity verified by a trusted third party.”


Microsoft: digital signatures

Another of the platforms that perform these digital signatures is the Microsoft company, in which people can use their digital signature both in Word, Excel and PowerPoint. According to the company, when a signature line is inserted into a file of Microsoft 365the author can specify information about the intended signer and instructions to the signer.

To create a signature line in Word or Excel, you have to go to your document or spreadsheet, place the pointer where you want to create a signature line. On the Insert tab, in the Text group, you can click the ‘Signature Line’ list, and then ‘Signature Line microsoftoffice‘.

In the ‘Signature Settings’ dialog, you will need to enter the information you want to appear under the signature line, such as ‘Suggested Signer’, ‘Suggested Signer Title’, ‘Suggested Signer Email Address’ and Then you will have your digital signature on the platform.


Other pages you can use

Also, on the Internet, there are various options and pages where you can carry out this process, such as smallpdfwhere people can upload any document, be it Word or PDF and you can easily add the signature.

What you have to do is enter the page, in the upper right part you will find a section that says “Sign”, and there you can select the document you want to seal. An interesting fact is that if the document is not in PDF format, the same page can convert it.

Then you can find the option “Your signature”, and there you will have three options, draw it, write it and upload a file where your signature is already. Click on “Create signature”, and you can put the PNG wherever you like. Then you can click on the download option and you will have the document in a simple way, to be able to send it in PDF format.

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