How to get the most out of cleaning robots

How to get the most out of cleaning robots

TechMarkup has listed some tips that can improve the performance of cleaning robots and extend their useful life, since today they are one of the most sought after in the market for their practicality and handling from the cell phone.

Avoid Cables and some types of carpets

Before starting the cycle of the vacuum cleaner, it should be verified that there are no cables on the floor, since these could get entangled in the rollers, pausing the device and even deconfiguring it. Similarly, this inconvenience could also occur with light rugs that could be dragged due to their fabric.

Be careful with liquid waste

If the vacuum cleaner passes over drinks that have spilled or vomit and feces from pets, subsequent cleaning will become complex and some parts of the robot could be damaged.

However, there are some models of these cleaning devices on the market that have the ability to identify liquid substances as obstacles.

Frequently clean the rollers

To avoid changing parts of the robot in the future because they have been damaged, such as the rollers, it is crucial to clean them and remove the hair and fibers that become entangled in them at least once a week.

Clean vacuum sensors

Passing a cloth with a little alcohol to the machine’s sensors from time to time will prevent it from doing an optimal tracking of the spaces to be vacuumed over time.

Extend battery life

Removing the rollers from the vacuum during its charging time will make the process faster. And emptying the container before starting a new cycle will allow the robot to spend less energy because it will be lighter.

Sync the vacuum with Alexa, Google home or a voice assistant

Although most modern robot vacuum cleaners can be controlled from the cell phone through their own application, it can also be useful to have them linked to the voice assistant that you have at home. In this way, there will be one more alternative to control the cleaning robot from the cell phone, even when you are not at home.

For Alexa:

For Google Home