How to get the Free Fire LOL emote and equip it for your games

Gestures are highly desired elements in Free fire, and users can usually get them through special events. Another main way to acquire them is through the in-game store, which requires the payment of diamonds.

Free Fire LOL emote is one of the most popular emotes available in the game. When activated, it performs an animation in which the character appears to be laughing with one hand placed on his stomach. Players often use the gesture to taunt their enemies.LOL is among the 26 emotes that can be purchased in the game store Free fire. His description reads: “Are you trying to steal my loot while making me laugh?”Free Fire emotes, Free Fire LOL emote


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Get Free Fire LOL emote 

To acquire the emote, people will need to shell out a total of 399 diamonds. They can follow the procedure mentioned below to acquire it:

  • Once Free fire is open on the players’ device, they must access the in-game store. This can be done by clicking on the ‘Store’ icon in the main lobby.
  • Then they should press the ‘Collection’ tab under the ‘Normal’ section. After doing so, players need to click on the icon that looks like an emote.
  • A list of emotes that can be purchased will appear on users’ screens. They can then select LOL and tap on the ‘Buy’ button.

Right there in Collection, you can equip the LOL to emote to the Free Fire character and you will be ready to have fun.

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