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How to get Moony for free in Free Fire

How to get Moony for free in Free Fire

The time has come for Free Fire and Free Fire MAX players to get access to the pet Moony. For a limited time only, developer Garena is giving away Moony for the minimum purchase of diamonds (the virtual currency). Here’s what you need to do to get your hands on this cute pet.

moony is an alien pet that has an ability called paranormal protection. At Pet and Ability Tier 1, Moony offers 20% damage reduction when the player is in an interaction countdown. An interaction countdown is the period during which a player applies a medkit or revives a teammate.

At skill level 3 and pet level 7, the damage reduction during the interaction countdown increases to 35%.


Normally, the players free fire you can purchase Moony in the store for 699 diamonds. However, for a limited time only, the pet can be yours for the purchase of a single diamond.

FREE FIRE | how to buy diamonds

To obtain diamonds you must buy them through one of the payment methods:


pagostore.com: here you can print codes to pay with cash at the nearest store. You can use bank transfers, debit and credit cards and other systems such as Paypal. Available methods vary by country. Within the page, use the selection menu at the top right to select your country. If your country does not appear, select the “Latin America” option.

Inside the game: Depending on your mobile device, you will be able to buy diamonds from within the game through the Google Play or Apple Store platforms. Each platform has availability of different payment methods.

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