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How to get Free Mind It Emote in the Free Fire Diwali Top up event?

Free Fire Mind It emote, How to get Free Fire Mind It emote

Have you heard about the brand new Free Fire emote that just came out? It’s called Mind It emote and it can be obtained by purchasing any of these three things: Diwali Top-Up Event, Soloist Weapon crate, or Disc Jockey weapon loot box. This event runs until October 21 so don’t miss your chance to get this great item!

Garena is constantly adding new top-up events to the game, offering various freebies as an incentive for recharging diamonds. Furthermore, these prizes are typically one of kind and incredible value is given that users don’t have to use any in-game currency!

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Top-up events require players to buy a pre-determined number of diamonds during the Diwali Top Up event, and those who purchase 100 or more will receive additional rewards. There are 3 different types:

Soloist weapon loot crates (which provide powerful weapons), disc jockey items (like dance moves) as well as skins such as Emotes – all available at an affordable price!


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How to get Free Fire Mind It emote

The top-up event has a great reward for free. Players just need to purchase the in-game currency and not spend any of their own to get the Mind It emote Free Fire. However, they will still have to put down some real money if they want it. Because 300 diamonds are all that is required at this time with no other strings attached.

But what an amazing deal! It’s worth noting though that many emotes cost up to 399 Diamonds from store listings. While there are also lower-priced options available too like 199/each one which makes them even sweeter offers when considering how easy these come about without spending anything extra on your end either way besides purchasing gems during gameplay where applicable or buying treasure boxes inside stores instead depending

Free Fire Diwali Top Up event

Image via Free Fire

Step 1: Codashop and Games Kharido are not available, so players will need to reload diamonds in the game. You can touch the diamond icon to complete the payment for the desired option.

Step 2: After the coins have been deposited, you will need to manually collect rewards on the Events tab.

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Step 3: They can request emotes by selecting the Events tab and tapping the Diwali Top Up section.


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About Free Fire:

As of today, Free Fire certainly requires no introduction; it’s only one of the most popular mobile battle royale games in existence that has surpassed PUBG Mobile, Counter-Strike. Over 60 million users have given reviews on this app with over 500 million downloads to date!

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As you may be able to tell from its title alone (Free fire), this game offers players free reign across an expansive shooting environment where up to 24 others will compete for survival by looting weapons and killing each other until there’s just 1 alive


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