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How to get dark mode on Snapchat for iOS

How to get dark mode on Snapchat for iOS, Snapchat dark mode, Snapchat for Android

Snapchat for iOS finally has the long-awaited dark mode. The newly added feature allows Snapchat users (aka Snapchatters) to comfortably view photos in a dark theme and interact with the app’s contacts. Late last year, Snapchat had started testing dark mode for a small number of users in its iOS app. The Santa Monica, California-based company has implemented the new feature more broadly.

A year ago, A small group of iOS users got mode on Snapchat for testing purposes. Recently, the world-famous messaging and social media app has recently allowed 90% of iOS users to access this interface.

How to turn on dark mode on Snapchat

To enable dark mode on Snapchat, visit your Snapchat profile and click on the “Setting” option. Tap on “App Appearance” from the menu and then “Always Dark”. The app also provides a “Match System” option in the App Appearance. It will automatically match the Snapchat theme with the iOS theme.


Gadget 360 found Snapchat dark mode with iOS version It is the updated version and available for download from App Store. Furthermore, it is not clear if it is a server-side change or iOS users need to install the latest version on their devices to get dark mode on Snapchat.


Snapchat for Android is also expected to release dark mode. However, users can enable unreleased dark mode by going to developer options on their Android smartphone. We have also provided a guide on how users can enable Snapchat’s unreleased dark theme on Android. It is recommended to pay attention.

For Android users, the expected dark mode will officially arrive in the next few months.



Snapchat dark mode: How to enable the unreleased dark mode on Snapchat for Android

In April 2019, Facebook provided a dark mode for the Messenger app. WhatsApp also provided a dark mode for Android and iOS users in March of last year.


The trend started after Apple released iOS 13 in 2019 and provided a system-wide dark mode option, it began providing dark mode support for apps. Google also joined the trend and introduced a dark theme when it launched Android 10.

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